By Eugene, R. Hutchinson Chicago, III.

The advertisement is only a suggestion - the cut is furnished at cost and a new one is offered each month. You should have your Christmas advertising under way now and should keep it up until the holidays are over - and our cut service will help you.Don't get the idea that when you do a good piece of advertising the people who read it are going to remember it forever. Give them just about two days to forget it and then see if you can't tell them the same thing in a more convincing way. And keep it right up.

You will get results even though they are not visible results. Customers do not tell you they were influenced by your advertisements in the evening paper. Many of them do not realize that advertising influences them and would not admit it. It doesn't matter just so you get the business, but you can rest assured that good advertising brings results.

We say good advertising because there are some, unwise or inexperienced in the horse sense of advertising, who have only secured negative results. Tell a small boy he can have all the cookies he wants but he must not eat the candy because it will make him sick - and he will usually want the candy.Tell the public that you are the only first-class photographer in your town, etc., and you will more than likely turn a lot of business to the photographer down the street who makes as good work as yourself. That's negative advertising.

Tell people why they should have portraits at Christmas time - what a world of meaning the portrait conveys to a friend - what a simple gift it is - what a touch of personality it conveys - how it strengthens friendships and keeps old memories ever fresh. This is positive, constructive and desire creating advertising. Its tendency is to make new business - not merely to take old business from your competitor.

You can also tell the public how good your work is without throwing mud.Think the matter over. Read the ad on page 22 and send for the cut. An illustration of this sort makes an advertisement attractive. If cuts offered for previous months have not been ordered by a photographer in your town, we will be glad to accept your order for same now.

But whether you use a cut or not, advertise for holiday business and keep it up.

The Eastman Studio Scale is both accurate and convenient.our dealer has it in stock.

For Christmas - your photograph.

The simple gift that lends the touch of friendship without the embarrassment of an obligation.

'There's a photographer in your town. Eastman Kodak Company, Rochester, N. Y.(See Page 8)