Hold a penny close enough to your eye and it will completely obscure a dollar a bit further away. Put the penny alongside the dollar and the distortion or whatever you choose to call it, is entirely overcome.

Put the pennies entirely out of sight if they stand in the way of your getting a real dollar's worth of value in anything that goes into your product and you are pound wise.

Present day chemical prices may make you short sighted. Don't yield to that "just as good - save a penny" impulse. There are a lot of good chemicals on the market and there are a lot more that are not so good - that will cause you to lose more than you can possibly save on the first cost.

We don't claim to have a corner on everything good in the chemical line. But we do claim to have the most perfect and complete system and methods of testing and preparing chemicals for our own use and the photographic market.

You may buy perfectly good sugar or beans or crackers out of a barrel, but there is only one safe way to buy chemicals that are subject to deterioration (and most chemicals are) and that is in original, hermetically sealed packages.

But all chemicals are not right for your use simply because they are put up in nice packages. Chemicals vary in strength and purity even with the most perfect manufacturing conditions. And most of them do not get the assay which determines whether or not they are right for your use.

Only by painstaking and expensive methods can ordinary chemicals, such as sodas, be tested, standardized and packed so that they reach you, uniform in strength and purity - right by test for use with the formulas for which they are intended.

All our chemicals are tested scientifically - are standardized photographically. In many cases our standard calls for much greater strength and purity than most photographic chemicals have. But the standard fits our formulas. For instance, E. K. Co. Carbonate of Soda is standardized at 98% pure. The variation is never greater than one-fifth of one per cent. Suppose our formula calls for 2 oz. E. K. Co. Carbonate of Soda. If 2 oz. of an 80% or 90% Carbonate is used, the solution will be too weak. Likewise, if the standard of the chemical used is 80% pure, and either a 70% or a 90% chemical is used, the solution will be too weak or too strong, as the case may be.

The Penny Or The Dollar StudioLightMagazine1915 226


By Eugene R. Hutchinson Chicago, III.

We have been hammering away at this tested chemical idea for a long time because we knew we were absolutely right. Our object was to have our customers secure the best possible uniform results from our plates and papers. With a certain formula and certain chemicals we produce a perfect negative or print. That it may be possible for the photographer to secure the same result, the same conditions must be duplicated in his studio.

Standard tested chemicals have made this possible - have made results as certain as though a laboratory test of each chemical were made in your own studio. And incidentally the better negatives and prints secured have increased our sales of plates and papers.

You can readily see how important your results are to us. They are even more so to yourself. The more certain and dependable your working conditions - the better and more uniform your results - the less will be your loss of material - your waste of chemicals, plates and paper and the greater your profits. And it is hardly necessary to mention the effect of better work on your general business.Use the chemicals bearing this mark of distinction: