The Eastman Studio Scale has been designed especially for the photographer. And aside from the fact that it is handsome in appearance and absolutely accurate it has a distinctive feature that is a special convenience to the man who must weigh small quantities of chemicals.

All small grain weights have been done away with and their use made unnecessary by constructing the scale with a beam and sliding weight for weighing from one to fifty grains.

This beam is black enameled, the grain marks being indicated by white lines and figures, as shown in the illustration. To weigh 30 grains the weight on the beam is placed at the mark 30 and the chemicals placed in the pan on the right-hand side. To weigh 90 grains the weight on the beam is placed at 40 and the 50-grain weight is placed in the pan on the left-hand side, etc.

The weights are graduated from the 50-grain weight to one weighing 2 ounces, each weight being plainly marked in grains as well as ounces or fractions of an ounce avoirdupois.

The weights are all carefully tested and will be found absolutely accurate. They fit in openings in a metal plate in the base of the scale and are so shaped that they are easily picked up.

The scale has a delicate screw adjustment, all bearings are hardened steel and all metal parts are nickel plated.

This is a handsome, durable and convenient chemical scale and should have a place in every well equipped studio.

THE PRICE Eastman Studio Scale, $3.00

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No. 2 Majestic Print Dryer

The demand for a print dryer of the same type as the No. 4 Majestic, but smaller in size, has been so great that we have placed a new model on the market.

This new dryer is made on the same principle as the No. 4, but contains only two drying cylinders instead of four. The capacity of this two-hole dryer is ample for the average studio and the prints are dried as quickly as the larger size, the only difference being in the capacity.

As in the larger dryer, the drying roll consists of two long sheets of corrugated board and two sheets of blotting paper, one of which is muslin faced. A sheet of the corrugated board is rolled out on a table with the corrugations up. The muslin faced blotter is placed on top of this and the wet prints laid face down on the muslin after the surplus water has been removed.

The second sheet of blotter is placed over the prints, then the second sheet of board, with the corrugated side down, bringing the corrugations on both sides of the blotter. This is then rolled around the hollow metal core, placed in the drying cylinder and the fan turned on.

The air is forced through the corrugations of the roll directly against the blotters and the prints dried in the shortest possible space of time.

If heat is used, a small gas plate is placed about fifteen inches below the lower edge of the fan, so the hot air, as it rises, will be drawn in by the suction and forced through the roll.

Single or Double Weight prints are not only dried quickly (in from fifteen to thirty minutes),

No 2 Majestic Print Dryer StudioLightMagazine1915 83


By Sweet Studio

L. D. Sweet, Proprietor

Minneapolis, Minn.

No 2 Majestic Print Dryer StudioLightMagazine1915 85


By Sweet Studio

L. D. Sweet, Proprietor

Minneapolis, Minn.

But they are also dried perfectly flat and without curl.Each of the drying rolls will hold as many prints as can be placed on the blotter, which is twenty-four inches wide and nine feet long.The No. 2 Majestic Print Dryer, including the two drying rolls and electric fan, sells for $35.00. Order from your stock dealer, being sure to specify whether direct or alternating current is used.