"Anything new for holiday business?"

"There certainly is." "New mounts I suppose?" "No - a new paper this time." "I can't afford to experiment with a new paper at holiday time, it's too risky."

"This isn't an experiment - that's the strong point in its favor. It's simply a new grade of the most standard paper on the market - Artura - but it can consistently lay claim to newness. There isn't a paper manufactured that will give the tone and general effect of Artura Iris E, semi-matte.

"Black and white, you mean? " "No."

"Sepia, then?"

"No, it isn't either. First of all it is coated on a light buff stock. That's the way it's listed, but it isn't buff and it isn't white. It's a creamy old ivory tint. Develop it in the normal

Iris developer and the tone of the print is not black and it isn't brown. It's a warm black or a black olive or - well, you can hardly describe it. You have to see it to appreciate what a good thing it really is.

"And as to surface, semi-matte comes nearer than semi-gloss, but both fail to describe it. Gloss always seems a hard surface to me and matte a dull surface - and this is neither. I have seen a piece of wood that was neither polished nor dull but that had a soft velvety surface, or texture, more beautiful than either. Imagine a portrait made on a paper with a similar surface, a rich warm olive black tone and all the Artura softness and gradation, and you have a fair idea of Artura Iris E, semi-matte."

A conversation similar to the one above might be heard in any studio between now and Christmas. You have been hoping there would be something new - have been asking for something new with more than its newness as a recommendation. You have it in this new grade of Artura paper.

It is something really new and effective and at the same time it is the Iris emulsion that has a record for quality and uniformity that has never been equaled.

It is only necessary to make a few sample prints, preferably with white margins, to convince yourself that you have a means of offering your customers a new line of work that will readily be appreciated.

You have often wished you could secure that brilliant effect you see in the wet print. Iris E, semi-matte retains this brilliancy in the dry print. It has the same transparent shadows, the same warmth without the objectionable gloss of other brilliant papers.

Your dealer has grade E, semi-matte. Make it an item of your next order. Make a line of samples on the new paper and show them to your customers. It is only by having the new things and calling attention to their newness that you gain a reputation for progressiveness.

When you need a mask in a hurry you will appreciate the convenience of cutting one from an Eastman Mask Chart.Illustrated on page so.