The Kodak Advertising Competition offers you eleven opportunities of getting a big price for a single picture.

If one of your customers made you the same offer on the same terms you would probably jump at the chance to pick up a few hundred dollars. And there is no reason why you shouldn't do this very thing in the Kodak Advertising Competition.

We want eleven pictures. For one of these we will pay $500.00. For five others we will pay $300.00 each, and for five more, $200.00 each-$3,000.00 in all.

The competition closes November 1st, so you have the balance of the month to decide whether or not you will try to win one of these prizes.

You have seen enough of the Kodak advertising to have a fair idea of the kind of pictures we want. They are quite simple, as a rule, and from this very fact they need only the few words of one of the Kodak advertising slogans to make the story complete.

The competition is based on five of these advertising slogans, each of which gives you your cue for a picture.The slogans are:

Take a Kodak with you. All out-doors invites your Kodak. There are no game laws for those who hunt with a Kodak.

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By A. J. W. Copelin Chicago, III.

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Let the children Kodak. Write it on the film - at the time. (For Autographic Kodak Adv.)

For example: "All out-doors invites your Kodak" offers unlimited opportunity for out-door pictures that tell of the good times to be had with a Kodak. But the picture must tell the story - it must show that someone is really having a good time or is starting out for a good time with a Kodak, just as the bag and traveling outfit show that someone is going for a journey.Pretty pictures of pretty children will not sell Kodaks, but the picture of a pretty little girl photographing her playmates will make other children want Kodaks to photograph their playmates.

Make an attractive picture of this sort and you have an entry for Class 4, which calls for pictures illustrating the slogan,"Let the children Kodak."

In making such pictures it is important that Kodaks and Kodak equipment used in your pictures should be new or at least not old style. You will have no trouble in borrowing what you need for this purpose.Care should also be used in having models dress plainly or in hats and gowns that will not be entirely out of style next year when the pictures will be used.

A back cover illustration for a 1916 woman's magazine would be incongruous were the costumes such that any woman would readily recognize them as 1914 models.

There are five first prizes of $300.00 each and five second prizes of $200.00 each. The prize of $500.00 is for a new slogan and a picture to illustrate it. This offers you an opportunity to show your originality both in photography and advertising.Write us for circular giving full particulars of the contest, but in the meantime, start making your pictures, for the time is short. Competition closes November 1st.

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By Frank M. Hallenbeck Chicago, III.

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No. 218. Price, 30 cents.

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By Eugene R. Hutchinson Chicago, Ill.