Take a Kodak with you. All out-doors invites your Kodak. There are no game laws for those who hunt with a Kodak. Let the children Kodak. Write it on the film - at the time. (For Autographic Kodak adv.)

The prize of $500.00 gives you the opportunity to show your originality in creating an advertising slogan as well as your ability to make pictures that will sell Kodaks.

You have eleven chances to win a prize, and six different classes, in any of which you can enter as many pictures as you wish. However, no competitor will be awarded more than one prize in one class nor a total of more than two prizes.

The plan makes it simple for you to make the kind of pictures we want - the kind that will win, for we give you the story you are to illustrate in five of the classes. There is also the opportunity for a great variety of ideas, as each slogan requires a different treatment. And if you have a good idea for a picture that doesn't fit any one of the five slogans, originate a new slogan and you are eligible for the sixth class.

Possibly you have in mind several attractive children who will pose for you. "Let the children Kodak" will suggest any number of pictures, but you must remember that the picture has no advertising value unless it suggests to a mother or father the pleasure their children can have by using a Kodak. The picture must have life and action - must actually set the example for other children to follow.The picture illustrating the slogan, "There are no game laws for those who hunt with a Kodak" must recall to the sportsman the many times he has wished he had a Kodak - the opportunities he has missed - should make him think seriously of buying a Kodak before his next fishing or hunting trip.And so it is with each. The picture, with the few words, must constitute an advertisement so direct - so simple - making amateur photography so convincingly attractive as a pastime, that anyone with half a mind to make pictures will get the full force of the argument and buy a Kodak.

The Slogans StudioLightMagazine1915 139


By Clifford Norton Cleveland, Ohio

We can't give you much more advice, for originality is an important factor in such work. You must have your own ideas and express them in pictures that fit the slogans. Don't try to copy ideas that have been used before. There is sufficient inducement for you to give this interesting work your serious thought. Ask for circular giving full details of 1915 Kodak Advertising Competition. Sent by mail on request.