From all indications this Indianapolis Convention is going to be a "hummer" - the kind you look forward to with the keenest anticipation and look back upon with only pleasant memories.

Everything about the big show is going to come up to its advertising - even to the bathing resort. Switzerland may not have a navy, but Indianapolis does have the largest inland bathing resort in the country.

Secretary Hoffman states that $100,000.00 will not begin to pay for the exhibits of the manufacturers and dealers. We can only speak for ourselves on this point. The Eastman exhibit of Professional Apparatus will be the most complete that has ever been shown at any convention, and with the large plate, portrait film and the picture exhibit of work from prominent photographers on Eastman Papers, will make a show in itself well worth seeing.

We have spoken of the lectures, some of the demonstrations and the lot of good entertainment that is offered - but the big feature has just been announced.

The negative making demonstrations are usually head liners. These demonstrations will be made by Miss E. B. Reineke of Kansas City, and Mr. A. O. Titus of Buffalo. Our readers will remember the beautiful child pictures by Miss Reineke which appeared in this magazine some time ago, as well as those strong and forceful portraits by Mr. Titus which we published last July.These last excited unusual comment, and we feel sure our readers will be interested in learning how Mr. Titus handles the light to secure such bold yet pleasing effects; also how Miss Reineke so cleverly handles the problem of child portraiture.

It is going to be a worth-while convention in every respect, and, we hope, the largest convention in the history of the association.Remember the dates, July 19th to 24th.Enlargements on retain the contact quality.


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Kodak Advertising Competition, 1915

By Clifford Norton Cleveland, Ohio $3,000.00 in Cash Prizes, $300.00 each for five pictures, $200.00 each for five other pictures, and $500.00 for a new advertising slogan and a picture illustrating same.

There is a $300.00 prize for the best picture illustrating each of the five of our advertising slogans. The five $200.00 prizes are for the five second best pictures illustrating each slogan.