(From Ohio Photo News.)

Have you ever noticed the different lines of card mounts manufactured by different companies? Some of which are sold through the dealers and some of which are sold direct. Have you noticed that there was one distinctive line different from all others ? That one house brings out nearly all of the new ideas? Study the samples which will be shown you this summer and fall of the new lines; study them carefully and you will find that the Taprell, Loomis & Company have a distinctive design on their mounts for each class of mount manufactured; that is, the design which they use on a high-class folder made out of the best stock is used for that class of folder only and the design used on a post card folder is made for the post card folder and used on nothing else. The design which they use on a high priced, first-class group mount is different from the design used on the cheap view mount. Every mount and the design on the same are in a class by themselves. Don't take our word for it.

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From Eastman Professional School Demonstration

If you have any of their mounts in stock look them over and see. If you have none send for some samples; compare them with other lines of mounts shown you and you will find that the majority of the manufacturers use the same design on a half dozen different priced cards or folders. In other words, they get out a few designs and spread them over their entire line, but the T. L. & Company get out a complete line of different designs to cover the styles of mounts which they furnish to photographers and they get out a style of mounts to take care of every photographer and any work which that photographer may have to do. Furthermore, they do not use the same cards and colors of stock for different priced folders or mounts. On many of the lines, if you will examine them carefully, you will find the same designs, only different color combinations and you will find the same design on a folder which sells for $30 per thousand as on one that sells for $60. Then they tell you they will give you the special line and will sell to no one else in your city and go over to the other studio and give the other man the same design on a different colored stock. How many customers can carry the color of stock in mind? Only a few. To them mounts all look the same. The new Fall line of T. L. & Company, which will be placed on the market during August and September, is something distinctive and different from anything you have ever seen before. Don't let anyone persuade you into buying mounts for your Fall and Christmas business until you have seen them.