You must, to have your exhibit an effective seller of portraits, see that you show your different styles often in as many good positions as possible. Then when portraits are desired the public's first thought will be some particular style seen in your window two or three times in two or three places. Thirty specimen styles will give you ten or even more good dressings where the number required for one display is only seven or eight, and little is required after the first work of making prints.

Display case dressing only calls for a little taste plus judgment with an eye to the main chance of selling more pictures.

Your show case is the logical medium for direct advertising and to make it more effective, a line of very beautiful, well worded show cards are offered free by Taprell, Loomis & Company, Chicago. They are different from their former show case ad cards in that they cover, practically complete, their entire line of original and beautiful mountings. They are also smaller so that each style of portrait may be ticketed with the word that excites the curiosity of portrait buyers to the point where they come into the studio, giving you the chance to talk real pictures to them. They are sent absolutely free of cost to all studios direct from Taprell,

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From Eastman Professional School Demonstration

Loomis & Company's offices in Chicago. The only point they insist on is that each studio that wants to make use of these specific advertising show cards must give a list of the styles they use; for instance, if you are running Salerno, Revue, Vogue, Remington, Purdue and Edmonson styles, send those names to T. L. & Co., and they will send you six specific show cards for those styles, free and postpaid to your address.

Advertising with good judgment back of it gets customers for your portraits when you are "not looking" and the show case or show window can be made to at least "pay the rent" if you will follow the rule of showing all you have to sell as often as possible.