On the other hand, it is quite easy to judge the woods from the photographs in which the grain is shown; thus whether the furniture is made of oak, walnut, mahogany, rose-wood, satin-wood, maple, etc., can be seen at a glance, and also the amount and kind of inlay work. On the ordinary plate the finest figuring generally looks like black paint, but a properly made photograph on a Wratten Panchromatic plate with suitable filter will show the grain so well that a half-tone block may be made without any need for retouching the photograph, and there is a sense of actuality conveyed which makes all the difference in the sales-compelling power of the illustration, as may be seen from the catalogues of several up-to-date furniture makers. And what is said of furniture of course applies equally to carpets, curtains, wallpapers, and other utilities and ornaments of the modern home. Those firms who have their own studios insist upon Wratten Panchromatic plates being used almost exclusively for their work, knowing that it is only in this way that they can be certain of securing the very best results.

Technical Data

Full technical details as to the use generally of the Wratten Panchromatic plates are given in our booklet "Color Plates and Filters for Commercial Photography," which will be sent, with pleasure, on request, but we may mention here one or two points to be noticed having reference especially to the photography of furniture.

(To be continued.)

If you are interested in questions pertaining to Commercial Photography, visit the Eastman School of Professional Photography when it is in your locality.

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By Nancy Ford Cones Loveland, Ohio

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Your picture, with that dear "grandma" of childhood days, is priceless to you now.

Remember that your children will soon be grown up - that their pictures will be equally prized in years to come.

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WE sold a No. 8 Cirkut Outfit to one of our customers two years ago, and he has made and saved $ 1,000 profits from the business gained on this outfit alone. Another customer bought a No. 6 Cirkut Outfit, and the first job he got paid for the outfit with some money to spare.

It never fails him AM having splendid and invariable success with my outfit, and cannot say too much in praise of it.

He has one now please send me book on Cirkut Cameras. I would like to get prices of same as I see by experience I have had this summer watching another person take two pictures that netted $200, or more, on my park ground, under my nose. It set me to thinking had I been equipped for this I should have had the work.

Our new Cirkut Book is yours for the asking. It describes all the Cirkuts from the little No. 5, for five-inch film, to the big No. 16 for film sixteen inches wide. Send for copy folmer & schwing division

Eastman Kodak Company ROCHESTER, N. Y.

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By Sweet Studio

L. D. Sweet, Proprietor

Minneapolis, Minn.