I have just returned from the Eastman Professional School. This makes the fourth or fifth consecutive year that I have been in attendance.

Do I find it worth my while to make the pilgrimage each year? The best way for me to answer that query is by giving you the reply to a similar query I made to a brother professional I had seen for several years at the School. "What, you here again? I thought you were posted up to the minute on things photographic." He grinned cheerfully, and waving one of the brown note books supplied by the school, replied, "I will be when I get this filled up."Continuing, he said, "At the first school I attended I did not bother with taking notes because I didn't fully realize how comprehensive the instruction was, and I hadn't been home a week when something out of the ordinary turned up, and I would have given a whole lot if I could have remembered all that had been given me at the school on this subject.

"Last summer I had offered to me a job that would total between seven and eight hundred dollars, and it was just enough out of my regular line of work to make me wonder if I could pull it off successfully."

"I recalled the instruction I had received on the subject at the Eastman School some months previous, so I went to the safe and pulled out my school note book, and there was just the information I needed. That one idea made me enough profit to more than pay for my attendance at the school.

"I can go under my light and make negatives that I am sure of; I can, if I have to, go into the printing room and turn out satisfactory prints; but with only my own work and my own knowledge and ideas I find that it is mighty easy to get in a rut and to fall behind the procession, so that's why I keep on attending the school."This one man's experience is not unique, if it were, the attendance at the school would not be on the increase every year.

While it is true that some of the same topics must appear in the program each year, and that most photographers have a good general knowledge of such topics, the world progresses, and with the facilities at the disposal of the Eastman Company for study and research, even the most prosaic of topics can be, and is, made to take on new interest.

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By Marjorie Cokroft Alameda, Cal.

In glancing over the three days program you may, for instance, say to yourself, "I don't use Azo in my studio, so that wouldn't interest me." Just the same how do you know but what some good sized job will happen along where you could use that paper to most excellent advantage provided you thoroughly understood its manipulation?or you may say, "I don't make the prints, I have men to do that for me, and I am interested in the operating only." Did you ever stop to think that it would be a mighty good thing to know as much or a little more than your printers?

Take the lecture on skylight construction - have you ever been puzzled because you experienced difficulty in readily securing certain effects? Perhaps your skylight is at fault or your curtaining or color scheme is wrong.

Do you feel over tired after a long session in the dark room? - if so possibly your ventilation system is poor.

The dozen and one problems of studio and dark room construction are all fully covered during the school and it is more than likely that some one suggestion will save you money.

We are all interested in enhancing quality and in the saving of time and money.

Tank development may have been given a trial in your studio, and then discarded because you were not fully informed on some important point.

How to handle tank development successfully; improved developers; how to develop ordinary, orthochromatic and non-halation plates, and the difference in treatment necessary; exposure and how to judge; the action of the various chemicals - all this important information is yours at the school.

There is scarcely a photographer in the United States who is not interested in the growing and highly profitable field of home portraiture.

To witness a complete demonstration of the new Eastman Portrait Film coupled with the very latest in specially designed apparatus, and under conditions approximating those found in the average home, would show you clearly the possibilities of this work and added profits. All this the school gives to you.

The field of commercial photography is broadening every day, and is one of the most profitable in the profession. To succeed in this branch, however, one must have a special knowledge of many things foreign to portrait work.

The school lectures on commercial work are well worth the attention of everyone in the profession, as they are given by an expert who also possesses the faculty of expressing himself clearly and to the point.

These lectures cover correct apparatus, proper plates to use, the special preparation of objects and the photographing of colored objects; how to correctly photograph exteriors and interiors, machinery, furniture, various woods, documents, the correct use of lenses, and the manipulation of the Banquet, Cirkut and Graflex cameras.

A certain portion of your trade demands sepia tones. The school includes a complete demonstration of the new Artura Aegis, made especially for sepia tones, together with a complete demonstration of the regular brands of Artura.

Have you been laboring under the impression that enlarging was a complicated and expensive proposition? If so, the school will disabuse your mind of this idea, and show you how to easily make more dollars.

At the beginning of this year did you know just how you stood ? - How much you had made or lost, and why? No one knows better than yourself the importance of this matter; the school will post you fully as to proper business organization, simple bookkeeping methods; how to correctly figure overhead charges, and to fix the exact cost of production and proper selling price.

Advertising - certainly - if you can make it pay; the school will show you the way. How to prepare advertising copy; how to secure fine newspaper notices; showcase schemes; and many other publicity plans now in use by money making photographers.

Color photography a possibility?

The new "Kodachrome" process for portraiture will astonish you with its fidelity, and simplicity, and the beautiful examples shown will delight you.

At the school I just attended there were over seven hundred and fifty absorbed and interested professionals, many of whom I have seen at every previous school. The school has paid all of us many times over for our time and trouble, and my collection of school notebooks is classed among my most valuable assets.