The question most frequently asked by the man who wants to take up commercial work, is one of price. And this must be answered by the man himself. Some photographers are content to go after commercial work the other man is already doing, by cutting prices. This is a poor way to get business and results will show that it is a decidedly destructive business policy to pursue.

If you have a competitor and he is doing good work at a good price, try to get new business and do better work at a better price. In any event, base your competition on quality rather than price and both of you will profit.

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Get acquainted with the distinctive quality and consistent uniformity of sepias on any device that saves time, increases the efficiency of your employees and aids you in delivering your work promptly, is a real economy. And this is what the Improved Majestic Print Dryer does.

Whether you are a portrait or a commercial photographer - whether you make a hundred, a thousand or five thousand prints in a day, this dryer will shape them and turn them out for you, bone dry, at the rate of 200 to 600 every twenty minutes.

With one of these dryers installed in your workroom, you have a practical means of drying your prints properly for loose mounting or folders, you can be sure they will hold their shape, and you can deliver almost any amount of work on the same day the prints are made, in better condition than by any other method.

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By Clifford Norton Cleveland, Ohio

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By Clifford Norton Cleveland, Ohio

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The Improved Majestic Print Dryers differ somewhat in form from former models, as different size drying rolls are supplied for large and small prints. This, for the reason that large prints will shape better in a large roll and small prints in a small roll.

The No. 1 dryer is especially suited to the needs of the average portrait photographer. Its capacity is ample, it will accommodate all sizes of prints and the price is small.

The No. 1 is a one-hole dryer which carries two rolls, one inside the other. The outer 11-inch roll is wound upon a hollow metal core and may be used for prints from 5x7 to 11x14. The smaller roll (7-inch) fits inside the metal core and is more suitable for prints 5x7 and smaller. The small roll may be used independently of the large one, as it may be drawn out of the metal core, filled with prints and replaced without the large roll being disturbed.

The No. 5 dryer has a capacity of five rolls, one 11-inch in the center and four 6-inch rolls around this.

The No. 1 dryer has a capacity of about 200 average size prints, while that of the No. 5 is about 600 prints. Allowing ample time for one person to place the prints in the rolls and remove them from the dryer, the capacity of the No. 1 would be about 1600 or the No. 5, 3000 prints a day, while if extra rolls are used so that one lot of prints can be drying while the extra rolls are being filled, and sufficient help is used to keep the dryers filled at all times, the No. 1 will dry about 4000 prints or the No. 5 about 12000 prints in a day.After removing the surplus water, the wet prints are placed face down on a muslin-faced blotter, covered with the plain blotter, rolled up in the corrugated roll and placed in the dryer. The gas burner is lighted, the electric fan turned on and prints are bone dry in from fifteen to twenty minutes.

The No. 1 dryer is equipped with a universal motor which will use either direct or alternating current. The No. 5 dryer is equipped with motor for direct or alternating current, as specified, and in ordering either machine, it is necessary to state whether the gas burner, which is a part of the dryer, is to be used for natural or artificial gas.

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By Clifford Norton Cleveland, Ohio

Both dryers are supplied complete with electric motors, fans, gas heaters, substantial metal framework on which the dryer rests, and one complete set of drying rolls. The price of the No. 1 is $25.00, while that of the No. 5 is $50.00. Extra drying rolls, 11-inch, $2.00; 7-inch, $1.75; 6-inch, $1 50. Extra muslin-faced blotters for 11-inch or 7-inch drying rolls, $1.40; for 6-inch drying roll, $1.00.Ask your dealer to show you these dryers. Illustrated circular will be sent you by mail on request.

Hot Weather Precautions

Hot weather troubles may be expected about this time of year. It is a good thing to make a point of storing your sodas in a room that is absolutely dry and not subject to extreme changes in temperature. Buy sodas in glass bottles, or have a number so you can transfer your fresh stock to these bottles and see that they are tightly stoppered.

Sulphite of Soda is particularly liable to lose its strength and purity if kept in a damp room during hot weather. When sulphite shows discoloration it should not be used for any purpose. Stains, yellow prints and other troubles will result.

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