Exposure should, of course, always be sufficient and err on the full rather than on the short side. In every box of Wratten Panchromatic plates a card is enclosed which gives the speed of the plates without a filter, and the number of times the exposure necessary without a filter must be increased when using any one of the eight filters mentioned on this card, among which are the G, A and F, specially recommended for furniture work. In any case the safe rule is always to use as much light as possible and let the exposure be generous.

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By The Hoover Art Co. Los Angeles, Calif.


The times of development for tray and tank are given on a card which is enclosed in every box of Wratten Panchromatic plates. These plates may be developed with any developer, but the best developer to use is the Pyro-Soda formula given with the plates. As the plates are sensitive to all colors, they are best developed in the dark; if, however, some light is preferred the special Wratten series 3 safelight should be used, on no account may a red light be used. The Wratten Safelight Lamp is to be recommended for maximum comfort with minimum risk of fog.


1. We may sum up by saying that photographs of furniture are necessary because it is inconvenient for the buyer to come to the showrooms, or for the furniture to be sent to him for inspection.

2. Photographs to be effective as sales-producers must be good, they must show not only the form of the article, but also its grain or texture.

3. This cannot always be done with an "ordinary" photographic dry plate because such a plate is non-color-sensitive, but it can be done with ease on a Wratten Panchromatic plate because this plate is sensitive to all colors, and further, any desired effect of detail rendering or color contrast may be obtained when the Wratten Panchromatic plate is used in conjunction with a suitable Wratten filter.

4. The manipulation of Wratten Panchromatic plates is not in any way difficult, and with every box information is given to ensure that good results are obtained with certainty every time.


In out-door portraiture and group work in sunlight, or where spots of sunlight cannot be avoided, considerable halation is often noticed, in plate negatives, where white draperies are outlined against a dark background. Such halation is most noticeable when negatives are under-timed and forced in development.

A fully-timed negative that will develop to full strength in four or five minutes will almost always be free from such halation.

There is a mistaken impression regarding the exposure necessary in sunlight. Bright diffused outdoor light will almost always permit of shorter exposures than sunlight if true gradation is desired in the negative.

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