The studio of The Hoover Art Company is located in Hollywood, a fashionable suburb of Los Angeles and one of the real beauty spots of California.

Until about a year ago, this studio was only concerned with the production of the Hollywood Prints (reproductions of paintings), but the location was such an ideal one for a portrait studio that Mr. Hoover could not resist the temptation to do some really original photographic work.The studio itself sets back seventy-five feet from the boulevard and is surrounded by palms, rose gardens and hundreds of beautiful crimson poinsettias which are at their best at Christmas time.

Between the studio and the street is the novel display case. This is in the form of a series of beautiful brick arches which are in perfect harmony with the bungalow style of architecture of the studio. The display is always attractive and is changed every week.A portion of the studio interior has something of the appearance of a chapel with its beamed roof for a ceiling, while the polished hard wood floors are covered with soft rugs and inviting chairs that offer real comfort.

Mr. Hoover received his training as a painter in New York and Philadelphia, while Mr. Sartov, the operator, received his photographic training in Europe.

The difficulties attending the advertising of a suburban studio were naturally great, but Mr. Hoover has not hesitated to spend money for good publicity. An exhibit in the parlors of the most prominent Los Angeles hotel, the renting of a show window in an exclusive shop for a display of portraits, letters to prominent people who might be prospective customers, etc., have brought the studio into prominence in a very short time.

However, the work of the studio itself has played the most important part in its advertising, and will continue to do so. Seed 30 Plates are used for both studio and home portrait work and the prints from the excellent negatives are made on Angelo Platinum.

While good engravings are very difficult to secure from sepia platinum prints, an excellent idea of the work of Mr. Hoover's studio may be had from our illustrations.

The Seed standard of quality has been maintained by the exceptional uniformity of the Seed product.

Our Illustrations StudioLightMagazine1915 169


By The Hoover Art Co. Los Angeles, Calif.

Our Illustrations StudioLightMagazine1915 171


By The Hoover Art Co. Los Angeles, Calif.

Our Illustrations StudioLightMagazine1915 173


By The Hoover Art Co. Los Angeles, Calif.

Fall Advertising

Vacations will soon be over, the big convention is a thing of the past and it is time you planned your Fall advertising campaign.

Take advertising seriously. Make your copy not only readable but convincing. Set forth those arguments for photographs that will make the reader want photographs, and your advertising will bring results.

When you write an advertisement or inspect one that has been written for you, have the reader's view point in mind. Ask yourself the question: "Why should I have photographs made, of myself or members of my family?" Then see if the advertisement answers the question.

If it does, and you think it will bring business, look carefully to the space it is to occupy. Will it be seen by all who read the paper in which it is to be placed, and does the circulation warrant the price asked?

Don't crowd it into a space that makes it look like a patent medicine reader. Have a bit of white space around it so it will stand out as our "There's a photographer in your town" ads do.

No matter how much or how little advertising you do, have it neat and attractive and make it really pay for itself. It isn't merely publicity you want - it's business, and nothing but good convincing advertising that will bring results is worth using. It is strictly an investment and it must return you the principal and a good profit.

Our Fall campaign for the photographer begins in the September magazines. The ad on page 7 will appear as full pages in Century, Harper's, Scribner's, The Fra, and as a quarter page in the Ladies' Home Journal.

This will be followed by seasonable copy during the following months leading up to the holidays. Follow it up with local advertising and be the photographer in your town to reap the benefit.