In the big street pageant of Scranton's golden jubilee the first prize in the advertising division was awarded to J. B. Schriever.

His car was changed into a white gondola with trimmings of purple fringe and chrysanthemums. In the car was a complete photographic outfit and Mr. Schriever was engaged in photographing two young ladies under the hooded rear of the boat. His daughter, Miss Irene, drove the car.

In each side panel of the float was the popular slogan which Mr. Schriever has used to good advantage. We congratulate him for winning the first prize cup, but he is also to be congratulated for the clever advertising idea.

The thousands of people along the line of that parade, as well as those who read accounts of it in the paper, can not help knowing that J. B. Schriever is one of the live photographers in their town.

Our Illustrations

Getting college business is just as different from getting ordinary business as golf is different from base ball. In base ball you sit in the grandstand or bleachers and root for your team, but in golf you have to follow the players, close up, from "tee" to "green" over the entire course.

If you have been successful in getting college business you know that you have to follow college activities closely. And you also know that the business is worth while.

There are no set rules to follow, but there are general rules that will apply in most cases. You must take sufficient interest in college affairs to know what is going on and you must become acquainted with the class leaders and leaders in college athletics, dramatic and literary activities.Once you know these young men or women, as the case may be, you must show genuine interest in their work and play, otherwise you won't find an opportunity to make pictures that are of sufficient interest to sell.

A few good pictures will give you an opening wedge for more business and in a short time every student in college will be watching your display case for pictures of events that are dear to the heart of every student. If you are continually on the job, follow up every prospect and make good pictures, full of real human interest, you will find that they have a ready sale.

Once you become a sort of official or press photographer there will be little question as to who will do the studio work for the majority of the students.

Mr. J. E. Abbe is an example of the man who has made good in college work, but unlike most photographers he had photography thrust upon him. He had no intention of becoming a photographer until he saw the-need for it in his work, and once in it, photography soon crowded his other work out.

Mr. Abbe is associated with a firm of printers and engravers who handle a number of college publications, and finding it difficult to obtain pictures for illustration that to his way of thinking were of sufficient interest - that gave the necessary "pep" and color to college news, he decided to use a Graflex camera and make some of the pictures himself.

Our Illustrations StudioLightMagazine1916 231


By J. E. Abbe Lynchburg, Va.

Our Illustrations StudioLightMagazine1916 233


By J. E. Abbe Lynchburg, Va.

The plan worked fine. He knew the students and knew what they wanted, and the more pictures he made, the more opportunities he found for making pictures, not only for publication but for sale as well.

The Graflex helped him, but he soon found that a studio was almost a necessity. A studio was built and equipped with modern apparatus and its capacity is almost inadequate to take care of the work that has developed from an experiment.

Mr. Abbe is also a home portrait enthusiast and devotes a good portion of the summer months to making portraits of children, using a Home Portrait Graflex for this work.Seed Plates are used in the Abbe studio and Portrait Film for most of the outdoor work, and as Lynchburg boasts of the sixth largest women's college in the country, and outdoor dramatics and athletics are very popular among the students, the opportunity for pictures is great.

Practically all of the work of the Abbe studio is made on Artura which has found favor with the student body. And quality will always be found one of the essentials in this line of work.Tozol - the complete developer.