For many years a Fifth Avenue Studio has been the ultimate goal of the most ambitious photographer and those who have attained it are especially fitted in ability and business acumen to maintain the leadership in their chosen line. Fifth Avenue is essentially an Avenue of magnificent and exclusive Specialty Shops and its photographers have specialized likewise.

Alvin F. Bradley's clientele is made up from that portion of New York's wealthy and refined social set which demands the Bradley stamp of artistic realism in photography. Bradley portraits have most excellent photographic and artistic quality, the result of a thorough knowledge of art principles and their practical application to the technique of photography.

From An Artura Iris Print By A. F. Bradley New York.

From An Artura Iris Print By A. F. Bradley New York.

Mr. Bradley has always been an ardent lover of the photographic art. At twenty years of age, a student in the Philadelphia Academy of Fine Arts, he began his career with the well known firm of Gilbert & Bacon.

He later opened and managed the Gilbert Studios of Washington, for four years. His success was such that he was transferred to New York at the opening of the Gilbert Studios there, located on the present site of the Altman Building. Later, Mr. Bradley purchased this studio and launched on his own business career, which he has followed with success for the last twenty years.

To work off surplus energy he has maintained three studios in New York and a branch in Philadelphia, but, with the experience gained, has come to believe in the concentration of interests.

Mr. Bradley has ably served as president of the Professional Photographers' Society of the State of New York for two terms, and one term as chairman of the New York Section of that society.

Such a page of history should be of interest and value to the photographer who is young in the profession. Most of our best photographers, like Mr. Bradley,owe much of their success to the ad-vantages of a thorough early training in the studio of some competent workman who has been able to give the benefit of a successful business experience as well.

Aside from business, we would say that Mr. Bradley's chief interest centers in his home, which is an ideal one. And he thinks so well of his profession that he has given his son a six years' course in the Art Students' League in preparation for his photographic career.

He is also fond of his friends and particularly enjoys getting off in the backwoods of Maine with several congenial companions - photographers from down Boston way - who can completely forget business, get close to nature, hunt, fish, and enjoy the great outdoors in a truly primitive fashion.

The examples of Mr. Bradley's work which we are privileged to reproduce in this number of Studio Light are from beautiful Artura prints, having the characteristic Bradley quality, though a considerable amount of it is lost by the half-tone process. Artura is used exclusively because of its quality.

A successful print is only secured by using a paper that will reproduce the quality of the negative.

From An Artura Iris Print By A. F. Bradley New York.

From An Artura Iris Print By A. F. Bradley New York.

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