There are probably more plates fogged from unsafe loading and changing lights than from unsafe developing lights, because a brighter light and one that is less safe is too often used.

It takes but a few minutes to load holders and change plates, and the eyes do not readily become accustomed to a weak light. Dipped globes with clear tips, or similar lights that are equally unsafe because of their brightness or improper color are often used with the result that negatives have a veil of fog which destroys their snap and brilliancy.

A greater degree of safety may be secured at a much smaller expense if the Brownie Safelight Lamp is used as a changing light. As will be seen by our illustration, this lamp is a metal shell with a square safelight in the side and a round safelight in the bottom. An ordinary electric globe of six or eight candle power screws through the top and into an ordinary lamp socket. It may be attached to a well socket and the main light thrown down upon a table, or it may be used as a swinging lamp on an electric cord, and in either case the two safelights give sufficient illumination for all purposes.

It isn't necessary to load holders in absolute darkness, but plates are much more sensitive when dry than when wet and should be handled more carefully.

Ruby globes may be safe under some conditions and for some purposes, but, as a rule, they are not safe, as they are used for plate changing. And in addition to the lack of safety, there is the expense of replacing them when they are broken or the filament burns out. With the Brownie Safelight Lamp any electrical globe may be used, provided it is not of too high candle power and the safelights retain their color indefinitely.

The lamp is small and is especially convenient for the photographer who occasionally finds it necessary to load holders away from the studio. It is equally adaptable as a developing light in an emergency.

The Brownie Safelight Lamp is fitted with 1 B Safelights and the price is $1.25. The 1 B Safelight is safe for ordinary plates or film, but additional safelights are furnished for special purposes.

From An Artura Iris Print By A. F. Bradley New York.

From An Artura Iris Print By A. F. Bradley New York.

Series 00 Safelight for Artura and similar papers. Series 0 Safelight for Bromide Paper and Lantern Plates. Series 1 Safelight for ordinary and extra rapid Plates. Series 2 Safelight for Orthochromatic Plates. Series 3 Safelight for Panchromatic Plates. Circular Safelights, any series, for end of Brownie Safelight Lamps........25c

Rectangular Safelights, any series, for side of lamp . . 35c

The Kodak Safelight Lamp with 5x7 Safelight is a very convenient lamp for developing where an extra large light source is not required.

The Kodak Safelight Lamp sells for $4.00, and extra 5x7 Safelights, of any series, are 60c each.