Many professionals do not realize how much their work would be improved by the use of a long-focus lens. Examples of distorted perspective, caused by working with the camera too near the sitter, can be seen in many windows and showcases. There are bust portraits with their near shoulders looming up half as large again as the far shoulders; there are three-quarter lengths with hands out of all proportion; and there are large heads with noses that look so bulbous that they are a libel on the sitters.

There is always a danger, where space is limited, of getting into the habit of making one lens do for all kinds of work. Bad effects are sure to follow.

October. Our Illustrations

Mr. W. M. Morrison, the founder and, until 1911, the proprietor of the Morrison Studio of Chicago, established a business that has probably been as widely advertised and as well known as any photographic business in the country.

It has always been the policy of this studio to make good, clean-cut photographs for which there always has been and always will be a ready sale at a good profit.

Much of Mr. Morrison's success was undoubtedly due to his good judgment in surrounding himself with competent employees. This is shown by the fact that since the studio changed hands in 1911 it has been under the able management of the head of the printing department and the head receptionist, both of whom were, for years, valued employees of Mr. Morrison.

While Morrison portraits are especially well known to the theatrical profession throughout the country, the studio also has an excellent class of trade that is not of a professional nature. By very efficient management both classes of work, as well as a considerable amount of commercial work, are handled in quantities with no trace of confusion or congestion in the reception, operating or finishing departments.

Due credit is given to Plates and Papers bearing the Eastman label, for their part in building the Morrison reputation for portraits of quality. Our illustrations are from the regular run of Artura prints from Standard Polychrome negatives, a combination that has been found to produce results most satisfactory to both the management and patrons of this studio.

October. Bulletin: The Eastman School Of Professional Photography For 1917

Davenport, la...........October 16, 17, 18

Milwaukee, Wis........ . . October 23, 24, 25

Grand Rapids, Mich........Oct. 30, 31, Nov. 1

Toledo, Ohio .........November 6, 7, 8

Vacation. Kodelon


An economical and highly successful developing agent, used in connection with Hydrochinon, for all developing-out papers.

It bears the Kodak Tested Chemical Seal.

The Price

1 oz. bottle......... $ .90

¼ lb. " ......... 3.25

½ lb. " ......... 6.25

1 lb. " ......... 12.00


The Pyro Studio Line cut No. 244. Price, 50 cents.

The Pyro Studio Line cut No. 244. Price, 50 cents.

From An Eastman Bromide Print By Geo. F. Wettlin Newark, N. J.

From An Eastman Bromide Print By Geo. F. Wettlin Newark, N. J.