National advertising will sell anything. But there are a lot of things that advertising will not sell profitably. On some propositions it would be like using a five-ton motor truck to deliver a quart of strawberries. It would be better to employ a boy on a bicycle, provided the boy didn't eat the berries. On the other hand, the truck would beat the boy to a frazzle (the use of this phrase by a prominent personage makes it legitimate) in delivering a couple of hundred bushels of wheat.

We have an important basket of strawberries to deliver to the American public, and only a five-ton truck to deliver them in. For months we have been trying to figure out how to do it. We have solved the problem. We are going to put the basket of strawberries on top of the load of wheat which we also have to deliver. They'll show up fine - even more prominently than the wheat, but we will be delivering the wheat just the same.

The basket of strawberries is the Eastman Portrait Album. The wheat is the whole idea of "Preserve the Portraits of Your Heroes." When made into flour and then into crispy layers for a shortcake, with strawberries between, it will mean: preserve portraits of all your family and friends, and it will mean preserve them permanently in albums. The albums will invite more pictures, and now that albums are available, the pictures will tempt people to buy albums.

We are a nation in arms and we are proud of it. Whether volunteers or drafted we throw our shoulders back when we don the khaki. The folks want our pictures and they are entitled to them. And they want them of a lot of us and they want to be sure there's a place for their safe keeping. Now, right now, is the logical time for the reinstatement of the family photograph album. Sense and sentiment both demand it.

Every old-time photographer realizes that while an increased variety in the styles and sizes of pictures and mounts helped the business, there was at the same time a disadvantage because the old album would not accommodate the heavy mounts that were then in style. Fashion still calls for mounts and always will, but they are now of a style that makes it easy to remove the prints, and the Eastman Portrait Album will take care of 87% of the sizes now made.

We are putting tens of thousands of dollars into advertising the two ideas: professional portraits of soldiers and albums to preserve them in. We can make the plan work if you, you will have the albums in stock and talk them to your customers. On page 5 we show a very much reduced reproduction of a page that will appear in the Ladies' Home Journal for November, and similar copy will be used in several other important publications.

If we can get the women to keep soldier pictures in albums, it won't be long before they will keep other portraits in the same way, and presently the Family Album will again occupy the place of honor on the library table.