Aside from making work of good quality, it is essential that the work you deliver should hold up - should retain its good appearance longer than the time necessary for it to reach your customer or your customer's friends.

The old-fashioned, solid mounting on heavy cards is a thing of the past. Mount manufacturers have done wonders in making mounts and folders that really improve the appearance of your work, but all too often a print curls up, a corner breaks loose or slips out of its enclosure and your good work is cheapened.

You can prevent this sort of thing - and it is worth preventing. Dry mounting is the solution of the problem and dry mounting is simple and effective.

You can dry mount a print to the thinnest card. It won't cockle or curl it. You can dry mount a print to a sheet of paper merely to keep the print flat in a folder or slip in mount. It will stay flat. You can dry mount enlargements to thin mounts for framing, for folders or for delivery as sheet prints. You can tack prints at the corners or at top and bottom. In fact, you can do anything with a Dry-Mounting Press and Dry Mounting Tissue that you can do with paste or glue and do it more neatly and better. And you can do many things you can't do with paste or glue.

If you have never seen a Dry Mounting Press in operation, make it a point to see one the next time you visit your professional dealer; practically all dealers use these machines and can explain their operation.

The thin adhesive tissue is furnished in cut sizes in dozens and gross packages and in rolls five yards by twenty inches. It is not expensive. Cabinet size is 70 cents per gross, other sizes in proportion - rolls are $1.10.

The dry mounting principle is simple. The tissue melts when hot and sets instantly when the heat is removed. A tacking iron is used to attach tissue to the print. This is a small tool that can be heated in a gas flame. An electrically heated tool is also furnished. Lay the tissue on the back of the print and touch in several places with the hot tacking iron. Trim the print with tissue attached, lay on the mount and slip the tacking iron under one corner to tack tissue to mount. Then place in the press, cover with a sheet of 10-ply cardboard and pull down on the lever that brings the hot platen of the press in contact with the cardboard. In a few seconds the print will be firmly stuck - will stay stuck.

Gas heated presses are made in 5 x 7 and 11 x 14 sizes. The electrically heated press is only made in the 11 x 14 size. The 11 x 14 press is most suitable, as several small prints may be mounted at once, or prints larger than the size of the press may be mounted by mounting one-half or one-quarter of the print at a time.

This is a day of progress - people want the better and more lasting things, and your prints will be worth more - will have more lasting quality if they are properly mounted.

Dry Mounting StudioLightMagazine1919 127Portrait Film Negative, Artura Print By Geo. C. Bell Madison, Wis.

Portrait Film Negative, Artura Print By Geo. C. Bell Madison, Wis.