The Director of Sales of a large western concern writes us as follows of his difficulty in obtaining photographs of prospective salesmen:

"We are located away out here in Los Angeles and most of our activities are east of the Rocky Mountains. This necessitates our getting in touch with salesmen whom we have never had the opportunity of meeting personally, and in every instance we ask the man to send us a recent photograph of himself.

"I wish you could see the apologies that come in every day stating that it has been some time since I have had a photograph taken,' and it has been absolutely impossible in the hundreds of applications that have been sent to me to get one salesman to acknowledge that he had on hand a recent photograph of himself. These men range in age from twenty-one to sixty-five years.

"It seems to the writer an unusual condition and also looks like a splendid opportunity for the photographer to get busy along real commercial enterprising lines and see that the people in his town are photographed more often."

There is food for thought in what this business man says. Photography should have more advertising. Men, especially, should be photographed more often. Young men who are just entering a business life should have photographs of themselves - older men who wish to better their positions should have photographs, and the women and children could be photographed more often than they are.

Advertising is the means of bringing these things about. Not advertising that merely states the fact that you make photographs but advertising that tells people why they should be photographed. Make every advertisement you write suggest some reason for being photographed.

"You are leaving school - seeking a position in the business world. Your future employer will most likely require that you mail your photograph with your application.

Have that photograph made to-day.

The Pyro Studio, 160 Main Street."

"Graduation day is not far away. Plan an exchange of photographs with all your classmates - keep the class of '19' together - a picture history for years to come."

"The Pyro Studio will submit special styles and prices to your Class Representative."

Here are only two suggestions, others will readily come to your mind. More people should be photographed. Tell them why - then tell them you are the photographer.