The executive officers of the P. A. of A. are not worrying themselves this year as to how many will be at the Golden Anniversary Meeting. Their chief concern is to see that the program shall be replete with demonstrations and lecturers that will give you money-making ideas.

There is going to be a great turn-out of manufacturers and your old friends, the salesmen and demonstrators will be there to greet you.

Cedar Point is an entertainment in itself, quite aside from the entertainment provided through the courtesy of the manufacturers and dealers. You just can't afford to stay away.

Portrait Film Negative, Artura Print By Geo. C. Bell Madison, Wis.

Portrait Film Negative, Artura Print By Geo. C. Bell Madison, Wis.

Focal Length

Where much commercial work is done, or for that matter where any serious attempt is being made to build up a profitable commercial connection, too much attention cannot be given to the question of the most suitable focal length of lens to employ.

All too often there is a "general utility" lens which is made to do duty, perhaps on several cameras and for a large variety of commercial subjects. For the general run of work, if its focal length is on the long side for the plate it is used with, it may be quite satisfactory, but sooner or later the unusual will be met with.

The effect of distortion produced with short focus lenses is well known and guarded against in studio work, but it is just as real when dealing with other subjects. It may almost be stated that a safe rule is to use a lens of the longest focus which the bellows capacity of the camera and the working distance available, will permit, thus securing a more truthful perspective rendering.

A Word About Our Illustrations

If we all had the same ideas about picture-making - if there was a standard to which we all worked - one ideal result, you can readily see that photography would soon, go stale for lack of variety.

We use a great variety of illustrations in this magazine because we try to please all of our readers some of the time. Some of you like soft focus work - some of you don't, and you know it's a difference of opinion that makes horse races.

We think, however, you will agree with us when we say that the work of Mr. Bell is excellent. The soft lines, well-modulated shadows and opalescent highlights possess a quality you can readily appreciate. Such pictures appeal to your imagination. They have a peculiar beauty that can be secured in no other way.

Mr. Bell tells us that he does not make any negatives that are perfectly sharp. He also adds that this is not especially because he himself objects to sharp definition, but because his patrons almost invariably prefer the soft focus work, and it is only natural that he should give them what they want. He has made a reputation on such work, and his business is with the best class of people in his community.

We believe the nature of the work you offer your patrons should be governed by what they want, and there are many conditions that determine or at least influence these wants.

Portrait Film Negative, Artura Print By Geo. C. Bell Madison, Wis.

Portrait Film Negative, Artura Print By Geo. C. Bell Madison, Wis.

A portrait is not artistic simply because it is slightly out of focus. The photographer must put even more quality in diffused portraits than in sharp ones. The highlights must be well placed, the expression especially characteristic and the modeling even stronger than for ordinary work to allow for the softening effect of the lens.

The fact that Mr. Bell's soft focus portraits are unusually fine examples of this style of work may have been the greatest factor in influencing his patrons. We do not like a new thing simply because it is new. But if we see a new thing that at once impresses us as having exceptional quality, we will most likely prefer the new to the old.

Mr. Bell is very frank and generous in giving credit to the material he uses, for its share in his success. He says: "1 have been a user of Portrait Films almost since the time they were placed on the market and can say Film is the only medium that has given me what I want in a negative. I do not handle them as carefully as some think necessary. I find I can "treat 'em rough" and not spoil my results nearly as quickly as I would with glass plates. In fact, if I consider quality at all I would rather pay the list price for Films than to get glass plates for nothing. I use Artura paper and E. K. chemicals, as I am sure of results with them."

We regret that with the halftone process it is only possible to reproduce a limited number of tones - fewer by far than are found in such prints as those with which Mr. Bell has supplied us. Our illustrations will give, however, a very good idea of the pleasing characteristics of his work which we think typifies the best in this particular style of portraiture.

Back To Stay

The announcement of the return of Elon to the ranks of of available developers was a welcome one to the profession, Elon in pre-war days having justly earned for itself an enviable reputation; in combination with Hydrochinon it forms a developer which has never been excelled for the production of prints of high quality, both in tonal gradation and color, on professional paper like Artura.

Elon has already been accorded a hearty reception, and while its first re-appearance was in the smaller sizes of packages, we are pleased to say that with increased production the full range of containers is now available. The prices will be found on page 25.