In nearly every large city there are one or more newspapers that are publishing a photo-gravure section and even some of the smaller cities boast of one of these gravure sections.

The reason for this is obvious. 'The people want pictures and there is no process by which pictures can be reproduced so well and at so little expense in a newspaper as by the gravure process.

You know the nature of the pictures that are used; news events, fashions, portraits of socially, politically or industrially prominent people - pictures having the greatest news interest. But do you know that the advertising managers of these papers are constantly saying to their customers, "Letpictures sell your goods"? They want to sell advertising space in these gravure sections and as the big advantage is the fact that photographs can be well reproduced here and not in other sections of the paper, they talk pictures.

You should work hand in hand with any man who is boosting your business and the gravure advertising man is doing this very thing. Why not get in touch with him and learn what kind of material he is looking for? If you are a commercial photographer you may have pictures or make pictures quite often that have sufficient news value to be worth money or the credit that is given you, which is good advertising.

Aside from this you may get business from those who advertise in the gravure sections. Suppose a merchant has just been convinced that he can sell furs by advertising in the gravure section, using pictures showing the garments on attractive models. You get the business and soon find that it grows. More models are photographed for catalogue illustrations. Possibly you can induce Mr. Merchant to use photographic prints in a number of ways. If the pictures sell furs you will surely get more business.

Anything that can be made more attractive by pictures can be sold more easily by pictures, whether it be real estate or candy, or automobiles or jewelry. Some of the pictures used in advertising can be made to better advantage in a portrait studio than by a commercial photographer and vice versa.

The business that is most likely to bring the best cash returns is the business with the man who advertises and wishes to use pictures in his advertising. The business with the newspaper is not so likely to bring cash returns, but if you are given a credit line beneath each picture the advertising is cheap. It's worth trying.

Portrait Film Negative, Artura Print By L. J. Buckley Binghamton, N. Y.

Portrait Film Negative, Artura Print By L. J. Buckley Binghamton, N. Y.