One could not imagine a more harmoniously working business organization than that of Mr. C. L. Lewis of Toledo, Ohio. We might say that this is due to the excellent business management of Mr. Lewis, and we would be right, but at the same time we would not convey a correct idea of the condition that creates the harmony we believe has largely contributed to the success of the Lewis Studio.

Mr. Lewis not only manages but has that faculty of surrounding himself with workmen who are made to feel they are a part of the organization, and who require the minimum of management. It is an organization in which the human element is a great factor and in which every one has his or her part and can count upon ample credit for work that is well done.

The Lewis Studio is also a business institution in which Toledo's citizens have a pride, and here again we come back to the man who has taken a part in civic affairs, who has associated himself with those organizations of business men that have the welfare of the community at heart.

We might add that Mr. Lewis has also been a conscientious and an earnest worker in all movements which have had for their object the betterment of the profession, and is especially well fitted to fill the high office with which the National Association has honored him.

The Lewis Studio has always had an excellent portrait business and some two years ago added to this a department devoted to home portraiture which became an immediate success. Mr. Lewis was fortunate in the development of this work in having secured the services of Wm. Armstrong, whose ability and pleasing personality are well known to a large part of the profession. He is not only an artist to his finger tips but understands the psychology of the child mind and is very successful in the photography of children.

The Lewis Studio is as complete as the studio organization. One convenient feature is its two skylight rooms, one of which is used for grown-ups and one for children. It takes time and patience to photograph children while a man is usually in a hurry. There are plenty of modern work rooms and a retail Art Shop which fits in very well with the photographic business.

We have selected the home portrait work of the Lewis Studio because in our opinion it is work in which every photographer is interested. The few pictures we can publish in one issue of Studio Light can do no more than give a fair idea of this branch of work, but they offer many suggestions that will be of real value to the home portrait worker. And that they may offer some helpful suggestion is the wish Mr. Lewis expressed in granting permission for their publication.

Eastman Portrait Film Negative, Artura Print By C. L. Lewis Studios Toledo, Ohio.

Eastman Portrait Film Negative, Artura Print By C. L. Lewis Studios Toledo, Ohio.

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