The School has been re-enlisted. It has not been mustered into service as yet but is so soon to be that it is none too soon for those within reach of the first few towns on its route to make their plans to attend.

It has been two years since the war - time conservation of transportation facilities made it advisable to temporarily discontinue the School.

Photography has made great strides in those two years and a greater and more favorable sentiment towards portrait photography has been created. Photographing the individuals that made up our Army and Navy was a big order for the photographers of the country. It made business but it was also responsible for the favorable sentiment we speak of which means continued business.

Now is the time to show what wonderfully good photographs can be made, and to convince the public that every family should have its picture history. Also to exploit photography in the great fields of industry where it is especially useful but where only the surface opportunities have been scratched.

The purpose of the Eastman Professional School is not only to teach methods of making better pictures but methods of getting business and conducting a business profitably, as well. The latter is just as important as the former, and taken together they spell success.

The new School will have, except for its management, an entirely new personnel of instructors who have been chosen, each for his special ability to do some one line of work and do it well. They will have a great many new ideas and the ability to express them clearly to others.

Great advances have been made in portrait photography and new methods of portrait lighting will be one of the School features. The very general use of Portrait Film has enabled photographers to get out of the beaten paths - to produce original but wonderfully natural effects that are startling to those who have known only plate results. It is a relief to break away from the old methods of working and to produce things that are really new. And these School demonstrations of lighting and negative making will be stimulating.

Eastman Portrait Film Negative, Artura Print By Frank W. Schaldenbrand Detroit, Mich.

Eastman Portrait Film Negative, Artura Print By Frank W. Schaldenbrand Detroit, Mich.

Industrial photography is another important branch of present day photography. The term, "Industrial Photography" is a broader one than "Commercial Photography" and is better suited to the work the so-called commercial photographer is called upon to do. A competent instructor is in charge of this work and will offer much information and suggestion and will demonstrate the most approved methods of photographing difficult subjects to the best advantage.

Printing, enlarging, reducing - every step of the various processes of reproduction will also be treated from every angle with the aim of producing the best results by the most simple and efficient methods.

And not least, by any means, will be the attention that will be given to business methods. The best photographer is not always the most successful, but he should be and can be if he masters business or has a business manager.

If we were asked what things were most essential to success in photography, we would place business ability first. Any able business man with a knowledge of salesmanship, advertising and accounting who is also a fair judge of human nature, need not know anything about photography to successfully operate a studio. He can employ those who are expert in photographic work more easily than the expert photographer can employ a man with business ability.

The photographer must become a business man. He must manage his affairs in a business like way to be financially successful, and the sooner he gives business methods a share of attention equal to that which he gives photography the sooner will he profit. The new School will devote several lectures to business methods, and throughout its entire course the business side of photography will constantly be kept in mind.

There will be a lot of work crowded into a three day session, and to make every point of every lecture perfectly clear the talks and demonstrations will be illustrated.

There will be new features which we cannot mention at this time. We can say that they will be decidedly worth while, however - in fact the entire School will be so new that no one who can spare the time can afford to miss it. The opening School dates are given on page 22.

Know the quality of Film results and you have the secret of the success of Eastman Portrait Film.

Eastman Portrait Film Negative, Artura Print By Frank W. Schaldenbrand Detroit, Mich.

Eastman Portrait Film Negative, Artura Print By Frank W. Schaldenbrand Detroit, Mich.