WHEN you take everything you can out of a business and put nothing back into it you can be quite certain it is going to run down at the heels sooner or later.

This is true of a photographic studio as well as any other business. And especially is it true of the reception or sales room of the studio.

From the business point of view this is the most important part of your establishment. It is here that good or bad impressions are created and good or bad impressions are good or bad advertisements.

The prospective customer very often drops into a studio in a "look-you-over" frame of mind, and if the sales room reflects good taste, the atmosphere is cheerful and the personality of the one who presides over your sales is a pleasing personality you have gone a long way towards making sales.

Probably you have already heard the early morning "thump" "thump" of some industrious rug beater to remind you that Spring is here. The housewife dreads cleaning time, but she has the sales instinct - she is selling the home idea and you couldn't persuade her that home is not more attractive for the annual cleaning and brightening and renewing process.

One of your most necessary renewals is that of display prints. Get rid of the old ones. Sell them, give them away or junk them. Sometimes it's good policy to give a print away if you can't sell it. That picture of the president of the Commercial Club will do you more good in the club rooms than it will hanging another year in the studio. Both the gift and the picture will advertise you.

The studio furnishings and decorations should reflect good taste. You may appreciate a harmonious decorative scheme but not be able to plan one. Then employ a decorator who has the ability.

The general decorative effect for the summer season should be bright and cheerful but not gaudy. Flowers and ferns add to the effect of coolness on a warm day.

There should be special rugs for summer and at least a few special pieces of furniture of willow or a similar material. At any time that new furniture is purchased, both beauty and utility should be considered. A handsome table should not be a mere ornament. It should be selected with the idea of using it for the display of samples - the customer seated on one side, the receptionist on the other.

Great quantities of samples on display are confusing. The one making the sale should be able to lead the customer to the selection of a suitable style of work with the least possible trouble and this is not possible unless the one selling has control of the samples that are to influence the sale.

Portrait Film Negative, Artura Print By Sidney Riley Sydney, Australia.

Portrait Film Negative, Artura Print By Sidney Riley Sydney, Australia.

Good salesmanship necessitates a careful classification of samples, each classification being filed in a separate portfolio or album. Such an arrangement simplifies selling.

The sermon is now over - but in all seriousness, a little sermonizing of this sort is good for all of us once in a while. We get into ruts and we hate to spend the little money that will get us out. But once it is spent we feel better, business is better and our investment comes back to us with interest.

There should, however, be no need of taking money out of current earnings for studio furnishing or decorating. If you charge off a certain amount each year to depreciation and make a separate fund of this money it should take care of all your renewals.