THIS country of ours is so very big and self-centered that we are, perhaps, a little inclined to overlook that Pacific neighbor of ours away down in the Antipodes - Australia - the place, by the way, where the Anzac boys came from. Yet there are quite large cities; Sydney, for instance, has a population of very nearly a million, and her patriotic residents claim they have the finest harbor in the world.

So much for the place - now for the pictures and the man who made them. We have a great deal of pleasure this month in publishing a series of pictures from one of the studios of Sidney Riley, located in Sydney where Mr. Riley owns three studios with another in Brisbane, some 700 miles to the north.

All of these studios are successful because they cater to the ever insistent demand for sane and sound portraiture of first-class technique devoid of freakishness of any kind. In a word, these studios appeal to the great middle class that has money to spend and spends it.

In the principal Sydney studio Mr. Riley does his own operating and the lot of prints from which we have made our selection represents the everyday output of this studio. They show that he has a sound knowledge of his business, the portraits being of exceptionally good quality, first-class in pose and having an excellent range of gradation.

Mr. Riley began his photographic career as a printer but believing in his own capacity for handling a business of his own started out some twelve years ago with the smallest imaginable capital. To-day he probably has one of the largest photographic businesses in Australasia.

Portrait Film Negative, Artura Print By Sidney Riley Sydney, Australia.

Portrait Film Negative, Artura Print By Sidney Riley Sydney, Australia.

Possibly his success has been helped by the fact that he uses nothing but Eastman materials. An omniverous reader he seizes every worth-while improvement put out. All of his negatives are made on Eastman Portrait Film, his prints on Artura and his chemicals are always Eastman Tested Chemicals.

One would not expect a man so far away to be so thoroughly conversant with American photographic progress. But Mr. Riley already uses the Eastman Diffusing Disks and American Spot Lights.

He has been kind enough to tell us that Studio Light is a book that is much sought after by the photographic fraternity of Australia and we feel quite sure that our American readers will find inspiration in the examples of Mr. Riley's work which he has been good enough to permit us to publish.


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Portrait Film Negative, Artura Print By Sidney Riley Sydney, Australia.

Portrait Film Negative, Artura Print By Sidney Riley Sydney, Australia.