Advertising photographs doesn't demand a special occasion - in fact we might say that it is most important to advertise when there is no special occasion for having pictures made. But it is also important to make the most of those occasions when advertising can be expected to stimulate a natural demand.

Your advertising should have created a demand for portraits to be used as Easter remembrances. Next comes graduation time and the June wedding. But of the two your advertising for the graduate should bring you the greatest volume of profitable business.

Where is there a mother or father who does not take pride in the son or daughter who is about to complete that all important step?

As a rule there has been the thought of photographs for family, relatives, classmates and friends, and your advertising will bring about the decision to act. It will also determine very largely who will get the business once it has been decided that there must be a picture record of the boy's or girl's graduation.

Other things being equal, it is quite reasonable to suppose that the photographer who advertises for this business is the man who is most likely to get it.

There is another special incentive for you to advertise at this special time. Our "There's a Photographer in Your Town" advertising will put the thought of graduation photographs in the minds of some member of almost every family in the United States.

The copy shown on page 5 will appear as a full page in The Ladies' Home Journal and Vogue for May. The combined circulation of these two publications is approximately two million (2,000,000) copies.

You know the class of readers to whom they appeal and you may also know that each copy can be counted upon to be read by several persons. So these advertisements will, without question, be read by at least five million people.

We say the advertisement will be read because we know it is almost impossible for anyone to see those eight words without reading them. We have used that great mass of white space to attract attention to those eight words, and we have placed them in the exact location on the page where the eye will be attracted.

The argument for photographs is a compelling one. Those eight words will make any mother with a son or daughter about ready for graduation think a hundred or a thousand words. It isn't necessary to say more - we couldn't have made it stronger by saying more.

So we have allowed those eight words to occupy five-sixths of a full page of as valuable advertising space as it is possible to buy for such an advertisement. In the remaining one-sixth is the familiar line: - "There's a Photographer in Your Town,"'and our signature.

Any newspaper advertising you may do will, in a way, tie up your studio with this advertising. Any advertising for graduation photographs, however, will forge a stronger link between the two. And we believe that an exact duplication of our copy and layout with your signature instead of ours will be the very strongest tie up that you can make.

There is an opportunity for a short snappy campaign of advertising for this school and college graduation business from the first of May until graduation time. The Ladies' Home Journal and Vogue for May are on the newsstands and in the mail May 1. Unlike many other magazines they are not issued in advance of their publication date. So there is just time to plan for your newspaper copy.

Use the copy on page 5 or, if you prefer to use an illustration with your copy, send for the cut on page 26. The important thing is to let it be known that you are the photographer in your town and that you want the business.

In addition to newspaper advertising we would suggest that you make as attractive a display of school pictures as possible in your window or display case. For the business will surely go to the man who advertises for it.

Super Speed Film is all that the name implies has greater speed than any other film or plate you have ever used.

At graduation time your friends expect your photograph.

There's a Photographer in Your Town Eastman Kodak Company, Rochester, N. Y.