MR. W. N. JENNINGS of Phil-adelphia has the distinction of being the pioneer Aerial Photographer of America. While a very good photograph of a portion of Boston was made from a balloon in 1860, there seems to be no record of any other successful aerial photographs having been made in this country before those made by Mr. Jennings in 1893.

A very interesting account of the making of these balloon photographs of Philadelphia may be found in the Photo-Miniature of July 1903. From what Mr. Jennings had learned from previous attempts of others at balloon photography, and from his own experience in photographing from high buildings, he decided that it was necessary to use a lens fairly well stopped down, an orthochro-matic plate, and a yellow color filter to cut out the blue haze of the atmosphere.

These things he did and his first attempts at balloon photography were wonderfully successful. Color filters were used extensively in aerial photography during the recent war and credit for winning the war is given by many to the camera and what it revealed. Of course filters of today are much more efficient than those obtainable in 1893,but credit for this first use of filters for eliminating aerial haze must go to Mr. Jennings.

The remarkable thing about it is that Mr. Jennings did not stop with those successful balloon photographs of 1893 and the succeeding years. He is still making "Airgraphs", as he advertises them, though he has given up the use of balloons and glass plates.

He now uses airplanes and Eastman Portrait Film and he claims to be the only photographer who is making 8 x 10 negatives from the air. Mr. Jennings has made over two hundred negatives from airplanes, having photographed many private estates, manufacturing plants, colleges and similar subjects.

Such work is very difficult because the pictures must be obliques, they must be made from low altitudes and necessarily they are made with the plane traveling at a fair rate of speed.

The examples we show in our illustrations are very interesting, especially the one on page 7, of the manufacturing plant. The artist has done a little retouching in the immediate foreground, but with this exception the picture is exactly as the lens saw it.

Mr. Jennings' industrial or commercial photography is of excellent quality and is all made on Films. His opinion of Film is a very decided one. This is the way he puts it: "The greatest stride you have made, and the greatest boon you have given the outdoor photographer is "cutfilmphotog-raphy." The new word is Mr. Jennings'.

Atlantic City, From Flying Boat Portrait Film Negative By W. N. Jennings Philadelphia, Pa.

Atlantic City, From Flying Boat Portrait Film Negative By W. N. Jennings Philadelphia, Pa.

Of the examples of his work which we reproduce he calls attention to the beautiful quality of the pure white marble statue in bright Cuban sunshine, page 9. The entire absence of halation in the interior on page 11 also illustrates a quality which means much to both the commercial and the portrait photographer. With Film there is no need to fear the most difficult conditions of light. The photographer can give his entire attention to the composition of his subject and the handling of his camera, knowing that Film will give him the best possible reproduction of his lighting.

We are also indebted to Mr. Jennings for a very clever advertising idea which we do not think he will object to our passing along to other commercial photographers.

We have a letter from Mr. Jennings written on a photograph and we think the idea is a very clever one. The print is made on solar bromide, or a paper of similar nature, and the image is a faint grey which in no way interferes with the writing. The subject is a beautiful colonial door-way of a stucco house. Mr. Jennings' regular letter-head is printed at the top of the photograph.

While the text of his letter covers a good portion of the sheet, which is regular letter size, the photograph, beautifully soft, is right there backing up the letter and telling the reader that here is a photographer who makes use of his own wares to let his prospective customers know he is a believer in photographic advertising.

March. International Convention P. A. Of A Kansas City

May 1st to 8th Inclusive.

The convention program will be full of good things. The demonstrations and lectures will be given in a theatre - the exhibits and picture displays will be in Convention Hall. Special railroad rates. Make your plans to attend.

Princeton, From The Air. Portrait Film Negative By. W. N. Jennings Philadelphia, Pa.

Princeton, From The Air. Portrait Film Negative By. W. N. Jennings Philadelphia, Pa.

For father's Easter remembrance - a photograph of mother and Betty.

March International Convention P A Of A Kansas Cit StudioLightMagazine1922 64Portrait Film Negative. Artura Print By M. A. Gradu Seattle, Wash.

Portrait Film Negative. Artura Print By M. A. Gradu Seattle, Wash.