It is usually the man who is forever washing and drying his hands who gets the most pronounced stains. The washing is well enough, but it is the drying that's bad. Dry hands stain while wet ones don't, to any appreciable extent.

Staining can be almost entirely done away with if care is taken never to dip the dry fingers in the developer. Rinse the hands frequently, of course, but do not dry them. It sounds quite easy to keep the hands wet, but it isn't, as there is always the continued desire to dry them.

A very good stain remover is as follows:

No. 1 Solution

Potassium Permanganate 1/2 oz Water 50 oz.

No. 2 Solution

Thoroughly scrub the stains with No. 1 solution, which is a poison, so cuts must be avoided. When the hands are stained with the Permanganate they must be just as thoroughly scrubbed with the No. 2 solution, which takes away the Permanganate and Pyro stains and leaves the hands clean.

We make it - ELON - We know it's right Bisulphite of Soda 5oz. Water 10 oz.

Portrait Film Negative, Artura Print By 0. L. Markham Portland, Ore.

Portrait Film Negative, Artura Print By 0. L. Markham Portland, Ore.

Your wife, daughter, sister - keep her with you always, in a photograph.

Ask her now when it will be convenient for her to sit. Then phone us at Main 245.

No 2 Solution StudioLightMagazine1922 167Portrait Film Negative. Artura Print By A. T. Bridgman Vancouver, B. C.

Portrait Film Negative. Artura Print By A. T. Bridgman Vancouver, B. C.

October 1922 Vol. 14 No. 8. The Gift Suggestion In Christmas Advertising

WOMEN are probably more susceptible to advertising than men and it is the woman who buys or influences the buying for the average household.

She may not admit that she is influenced, but give her national magazines and you will find her buying nationally advertised merchandize. And just now she is beginning to be influenced in her thoughts of Christmas buying.

A man usually waits until the eleventh hour to buy gifts for Christmas. If there is any systematic planning it is the woman who does it. So we are placing our Christmas advertising for the photographer in women's magazines - are suggesting photographs as a solution of the gift problem and in the November advertising are suggesting that now is the time to make the appointment.

The advertisement shown on page 5 will appear in the November first number of Vogue, full page space, and in the December number of Woman's Home Companion also full page space.

The Woman's Home Companion is on the news stands November 20th, so both of these advertisements will be working in time to hurry along holiday sittings.

If a woman gets a suggestion of photographs for Christmas from national advertising it has always been our belief that a second suggestion, similar to the first but in a local newspaper, also calling attention to the particular photographer in her town, will be most likely to produce results.

We can't do the advertising in your local paper but you are at liberty to use our copy if you feel as we do about it. You can be sure that our advertising will be read by many of your prospective customers. These two magazines have a circulation of over a million and a half. They are the magazines that women read carefully and a full page devoted to our copy is so conspicuous that it can't be missed. It will bring you business but it will bring you the most business if you supplement it with attractive copy in your local papers. Begin advertising now. Get people to thinking about photographs for Christmas now and you won't need to worry about what kind of holiday business you will have.