MANY of you, we suppose, have read the delightful story by Rudyard Kipling, of the little village that voted, seriously, that our earth is flat.

It is certainly worth reading as it may explain to you the mental attitude of some of your "difficult" customers.

You may not believe that such people as are described in this story really exist but we understand there is, even now, a club whose members maintain that the earth is flat. And that in 1922.

It makes one think of the 16th century when Galileo was examined before the Inquisition because he had the courage to state that the earth was not flat and that it moved around the sun. The whole world was against him, but he was right.

How do you know? How can you prove that our little globe moves with millions of others around the sun?

You can't, but you take the word of people who do know and who can prove their claims. You believe in the astronomer because you feel sure the astronomer knows his business. You rely on his theories even though you cannot check up his statements yourself.

How much firmer will be your belief when you are in a position to test the statements of those who know?

The whole world knows, for instance how the great Eastman factories and laboratories have continued the work of great men like Daguerre, Talbot and others; how they have led photography into new fields, undreamt of a few decades ago.

The word of scientists and research workers should carry as much weight as that of an astronomer, and when they stand back of a product you know it is good. They are just as careful of their reputation in backing up a product as the great astronomer in making a statement.

One of the greatest achievements of the Eastman organization was the production of Portrait Film. It was a product of science and is of great commercial value. It does away with lots of trouble experienced when working with glass plates and is a gnat step forward in bettering and advancing the means by which a photographic artist can express his abilities.

The Eastman scientists, chemists and practical experts had proved to their own satisfaction that their claims were true. But, unlike the astronomers, they knew that every photographer had the means of checking up their statements, so they had to be doubly sure that they stated the truth.

Portrait Film Negative, Artura Print By Miss Peggy Stewart Canandavgua, N. Y.

Portrait Film Negative, Artura Print By Miss Peggy Stewart Canandavgua, N. Y.

If you want to know something about Prof. Einstein's theory of relativity you have to make a study of the subject to get even an idea of what it's all about. If you want to know about Film quality all you have to do is to arrange a difficult lighting; one you have always wanted to reproduce, but couldn't, and make two sittings - one on a plate and one on Portrait Film and compare the results. That is all.

The result that pleases you most, is, of course, the one that will please your customers most.

The world is round.

Films are better than plates.

Film users say so, too.