WHENEVER the matter of advertising commercial photography is discussed it is generally agreed that direct advertising is cheapest and produces the best results.

There are a great many kinds of business in which commercial photography can be used, but in a concern employing a hundred or a thousand or five thousand people there will be only a few executives who can be interested in photographs of products or methods or pictures for advertising or general publicity.

The problem is to reach these particular individuals and this can be done only by careful, direct advertising. General advertising may reach a thousand people who are not interested to one who is, so it is not profitable.

Two things can be accomplished by direct advertising by mail. You can suggest ways in which photography can be used in a man's business and you can create confidence in your ability to do satisfactory work.

Both of these things are very easy if you can get in personal touch with the man who would be interested in photographs. But the commercial photographers with whom I have discussed this matter agree that in personal calls too much time is spent warming chairs in outer offices before it is possible to reach a busy executive.

Then the chances are that he will refer you to another member of the concern and you will experience another spell of waiting or find that the man is too busy to see you.

Direct mail advertising, if sufficiently impressive, will usually reach the man whom it is intended to interest. If it is directed to the wrong person, he or his secretary will refer it to the man who is likely to be interested.

If it is impressive enough and offers a suggestion for the possible use of photography it will be held for reference and may bring an inquiry or a demand for your services or a request for consultation when you least expect it.

One very impressive way to put photography before a prospect is to mount an excellent commercial photograph on the right-hand side of a specially prepared folder. The picture should be one that it is thought will interest the particular prospect for whom it is intended.

On the left-hand page of the folder, facing the print, is mounted a personal letter addressed to the prospect. The mounting of the letter in the folder in itself gives the whole a personal touch that is very likely to be appreciated. The letter should show, by its suggestion of the use of photographs in the particular business concerned, that it is not a form letter. This will make it more individual.

Such a piece of direct advertising will require letter postage, but because it includes a personal letter it is not likely to be discarded by an office clerk. This is a suggestion we think is worth considering.

On the opposite page we show a picture which has been successfully used by Burgert Brothers of Tampa, Florida, for direct advertising purposes. It shows their outdoor equipment including Graflex, Cirkut, Sky Scraper, Motion Picture and other cameras as well as two automobiles, indicating clearly that they are equipped to go anywhere to photograph anything.

We have also received a well illustrated booklet issued by the National Commercial Photograph Co. of Chicago. It contains sixteen pages and an attractive cover on which is mounted a pleasing photograph of a model.

The title page bears the slogan: "National Commercial Photographs and Motion Pictures Attract Attention Arouse Interest Create Desire.

The preface of the booklet explains that its purpose is to suggest to the progressive advertiser many profitable uses for photographs. It also mentions the scope of work which the company is prepared to do and follows with pages of good halftone illustrations of various classes of work, with and without models. There is also a double page spread which pictures the studio and its equipment.

All such advertising will bring results if it is attractive, is well printed and carefully placed. It will cost considerable and will require very careful preparation by some one who knows how to make the printed word effective, but if it brings adequate results the time and the effort and the cost will be none too great.

Portrait Film Negative, Vitava Print By Burgert Bros. Tampa, Fla.

Portrait Film Negative, Vitava Print By Burgert Bros. Tampa, Fla.