One of the problems of coating bromide papers has been to provide them with emulsions that have all of the characteristics desirable in producing large prints of the finest technical quality and at the same time to give the emulsions physical qualities that will safeguard them from the time they leave the hands of the manufacturer until they pass through the processes necessary to the production of a finished print.

The surface of a bromide paper is usually quite sensitive to abrasion and the abrasion may occur anywhere between the packing of the paper and its delivery to the photographer.

Sometime ago we made a decided improvement in the method of coating bromide papers. The improvement is purely a physical one which eliminates the probability of abrasion or friction marks without in any way altering the photographic quality of the papers. While glossy papers are most susceptible to abrasion we have made the improvement on all surfaces of Eastman Bromide, P.M.C. Bromide and Portrait Bromide.

The improved papers have now been shipped for a sufficient length of time to make it quite certain that the stock of these three brands of papers on the dealers' shelves is all of the improved coatings.

Possibly you have not encountered the trouble. If not, you can now have the satisfaction of knowing that you will not encounter it in any of the papers we have mentioned.

The improved papers have not been marked non-abrasion. We do not think it necessary in view of the fact that all of the papers mentioned now have this additional quality.

A Convenient Shipping Package

The various mailers for photographs are fine as far as they go and many of them must go a long, long ways so that the photographer is actually rendering a service when he sells them. It is a real convenience for a customer to be able to buy a good safe mailer at the time his photographs are delivered.

But quite often a print and its mount are too large for any size of photo mailer. In such a case you are rendering your customer a distinct service when you can pack his picture safely for shipping and he will appreciate it.

The usual method is to pack the picture between sheets of corrugated board but such a package is likely to be bent and the picture broken.

A safer method is to get strips of wood about 3/4 of an inch square from a mill and cut these in lengths suitable for the sizes of packages you wish to make. For a package 14 x 17 inches, two 19 inch and two 14 1/2 inch strips would be used. When these strips are nailed together in the form of a frame with strawboard tacked firmly on one side, you have a shallow tray or box 14 1/2 x 17 1/2 inches for your package. A sheet of strawboard tacked on the other side completes the box and gives you a package that will thoroughly protect the picture.

With larger sheets of straw-board and strips that can be cut to sizes wanted, it becomes a simple matter to make strong shipping packages of almost any size.

It isn't the profit you might make on such packages that leads us to make this suggestion so much as it is the fact that by so doing you can make your customer feel that you have performed a real service. And service is something he never forgets.

Eastman Proof Paper In One Half Gross Packages

Eastman Proof Paper semi-matte and glossy is now furnished in one half gross packages in sizes 5x7 and larger and is also furnished in 10 foot and 10 yard rolls 20 inches wide.

The glossy Proof Paper is similar to other gelatine printing-out papers but is made specially for proofing. The semi-matte is a special surface with slight sheen but not enough to make it disagreeable to those who do not like glossy proofs.

The following prices of half gross packages and rolls apply to either glossy or semi-matte Proof Paper.

Half gross

5 x 7 .............


5 x 8 ............


6 x 8 ..... ........


6 1/2 x 8 1/2


7 x 9 ........


7 1/2 x 9 1/2


7 x 11 ........


8 x 10 ........


9 x 11 ........


10 x 12 ........


11 x 14 ........


10 ft. roll, 20 inch.....


10 vd. roll, 20 inch....


Your photograph in your new, party gown.

Eastman Proof Paper In One Half Gross Packages StudioLightMagazine1922 15From An Eastman Portrait Film Negative By Thos. H. Ince Studios Culver City, Cal.

From An Eastman Portrait Film Negative By Thos. H. Ince Studios Culver City, Cal.