EVERYONE is living outdoors. To some photographers this means a slack season, while to others it means an opportunity to get out and locate a lot of business that could not possibly be attempted when business in the studio is so pressing that to get out means the neglect of valuable business on hand.

Get what studio business there is, to be sure, but why not also get some home portrait business? You can't say it isn't to be had if you haven't tried to get it.

Home grounds and gardens are beautiful and every woman who has a flower garden is a prospective customer for home portraits, for garden photographs and possibly for groups of friends who are being entertained. Any woman will be glad to announce to a gathering of friends that she has arranged with a photographer to have some pictures made of her guests. Home pictures of the children are also easy to make about the grounds of a home and the children are much easier to manage than in the studio. And don't overlook the children's parties.

Then there is the outdoor work that comes under the head of commercial photography. The making of cirkut pictures is very profitable and more of such work would be done if the people who want it only knew where they could get it.

Only a short time ago a large fruit grower asked the writer whom he might get to make a large panoramic picture of his orchards, a real-estate dealer asked how photographs could be used in his business and a distributor of electric light installations for farms asked whom he might get to photograph equipment that had been installed.

Portrait Film Negative, Artura Print By A. T. Bridgman Vancouver, B. C.

Portrait Film Negative, Artura Print By A. T. Bridgman Vancouver, B. C.

Obviously there is much work that can be done outside of the studio when business inside is slack. And by developing this outside business the photographer becomes better known, broader in his views of his business and, too, the outdoor experience is healthful.

Someone says, "How can such business be had?" Get outside with your camera and you will readily see. Photograph some of the points of interest about your town of which you wish stock negatives. Get a picture of a lawn party - suggest home portraits or garden pictures to some of your good customers.

Don't wait for an order - just get permission to make them. Then display them in your window - get them into the papers - get publicity. The orders will come as soon as people see what you are doing.

Once you have developed a nice outside business for the summer months you will be so pleased with the work that you will hate to settle down to straight studio work next winter.

And incidentally you will have a nice profit for your ordinarily dull season.

When Reserve Power Saves The Day

A GREAT many people buy high-powered automobiles not because they expect to use them for racing, but because they want reserve power for the emergency which, sooner or later, presents itself.

This thought came to our mind when looking over a few prints made under rather difficult conditions.

The subject was a little girl who could not or would not remain still for an instant, and the surroundings were such as are met with in the majority of modern homes today.

The results were good, but we could not help thinking how much better they would have been had the exposure been just a little longer.

It is under just such conditions that Super-Speed Portrait Film meets the emergency. It is the film you should select for exposures that must of necessity be short.

And in addition to its speed it has the quality that produces negatives of ideal quality.

Portrait Film Negative, Vitava Print From a Demonstrator's Negative.

Portrait Film Negative, Vitava Print From a Demonstrator's Negative.

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