There may be arguments against the photographic novelty but as a rule the argument is one of price.

We have seen many photographic novelties succeed, the Doretype for example, and the success of this form of picture was due to the fact that it could not be made cheaply.The so-called Statuette while a decided novelty is another example of one that can not very well be made so cheaply as to become common.

Another advantage is the fact that while it may lend itself to a variety of poses it is best suited to the full figure, especially of children, fancy dancing poses and many forms of pictures that can be made specially for the Statuette, including small groups, specially posed.The idea is to make a contact print or a small enlargement from the negative. 8, 10 or 12 inches high, to mount this on a heavy cardboard or composition board such as is made for wall coverings and with a fret or jig saw to make a cut-out following close to the lines of the figure, as illustrated on page 12.

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"Eve Grey" By Monte Luke Sydney, New Smith Wales

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At the bottom there should be a small triangular base to fit in a rather difficult figure to cut out but an attractive subject the block of wood on which the Statuette is to stand. This can be procured in the form of a piece of moulding, probably two and one-half or three inches wide for moderate sized cut-outs, and with a groove cut in the top wide enough for the thickness of the board on which the picture is mounted.

When the figure has been cut out and the edges smoothed off with a sharp knife or a file and then polished off with sandpaper, the edges may be stained. The moulding which will probably have to be turned out for you by a wood-working mill can be measured off to fit the base of your picture, cut in a miter box to bevel the ends, smoothed off, stained and waxed or varnished. The cutout is then glued in the base which completes the Statuette.

If properly made this novelty looks good and will stand on a desk, table or mantel, attracting considerably more attention than an ordinary portrait.

When a head and shoulder portrait is made in the form of a Statuette it can be cut out with a base in the same shape as a marble or bronze bust and mounted very effectively.This idea of the Statuette has been used by photographers for some time in South America and England and we have seen illustrated advertisements of English trade photographers who make a business of doing such work.

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A comparatively simple Statuette.

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"Monica" By Monte Luke Sydney, New South Wales

As we do not have trade photographers in this country it is up to the individual to work out his own methods. This, of course, makes it somewhat more expensive but a good result justifies asking a good price. And while a novelty, the Statuette will have a strong appeal to many people if carefully and artistically made.