It is hard to realize that Australia has an area greater than that of the United States and is less than 10,000 miles from New York, yet how many of us know anything about this great land in the South Pacific.

We thought our photographers here would be specially interested in the work of one of Australia's leading photographers, so when we received a collection of beautiful prints from Kodak (Australasia) Limited, made by Mr.Monte Luke, a leading photographer of Sydney, New South Wales, we were very glad to publish them.

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Mr. Monte Luke

Australia knows considerably more about us than we do about her, but we believe you will all agree that if Mr. Luke's pictures are a criterion of what other Australian photographers are doing, we could probably learn something from them.

Not having been able to run down to Sydney to interview Mr. Luke, we are appending an appreciation of the man given us by the Manager of Kodak (Australasia) Limited:

"Knocking off work to carry bricks and doing it every day in the week, too, that is Monte Luke, Photographic Artist of Sydney, N.S.W., for no sooner is each strenuous day in his Studio left behind than he is into the darkroom at his own home.

"Business is truly his hobby and a 'day off' from the city to him would be the opportunity for a day in his private darkroom. Ceaselessly experimenting - never missing a chance to acquire fresh knowledge, nothing is too much trouble for him to undertake.

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"The Necklace" By Monte Luke Sydney, New South Wales

"Considering his amazing energy and enthusiasm coupled with his technique and art knowledge, it is no wonder he has been en-enabled to reach the top. It is only to be expected that the man's virility is reflected in his work for, whether working in a high or low key, one is always impressed with the force and strength and spontaneity of his treatment.

"Broad in his outlook - liberal in taste, he presents a never ending variety of subject matter and always with an eye to something different. Like many other successful photographers he is never satisfied with his achievements and. as a result, is ever advancing.

"His enthusiasm is not solely confined to his own work, but he is a keen worker for the advancement and recognition of photography as a medium of art expression, in which respect his efforts have met with considerable success and recognition.

"Eastman Portrait Film, Eastman Portrait and Kodak (Australasia) Papers are to him essential. And so thoroughly does he understand their use and wide range of manipulation that he never feels the want of others. It is also of interest to know that of reproductions that do full justice to Mr.Luke's beautiful prints, in some of which the tones are unusually soft and delicate. The illustrations, we feel certain, however, will be of unusual interest to our readers.

Mr. Luke is a London Salon exhibitor, which in itself is a recognition of his ability."

Our halftones are made from prints on buff stock paper, which is somewhat of a disadvantage to the engraver and does not permit