For a number of years the Eastman School has been looked upon by photographers and studio workers as the most practical advanced course of photographic instruction that could be secured anywhere. And while its sessions never covered more than three flays and two evenings it was always a marvel of those who attended that so much could be crowded into so short a time.

It took carefully trained men and systematic methods to maintain a high standard and while every effort was made to improve the school from year to year it seemed impossible to crowd any more instruction into it.

One of the most difficult school problems was to duplicate a studio - to actually produce on a stage or platform the same conditions under which the photographer works in his own studio.

Another problem was to secure suitable models and in a sufficient variety to illustrate in demonstrations the best way to handle difficult subjects. And still another problem was to make sittings in full view of an entire audience and have everyone see the effects of various arrangements of lighting and posing.

The Eastman School did wonderfully well and was a success, but some one had a vision of still bigger things.

Why not motion pictures?

Almost anything can be done with motion pictures but to produce a picture of this kind the expense is very great, the building in which in-door sets can be built must be enormous, there must be an adequate force of experienced mechanics, carpenters and electricians and a competent, experienced director and camera man.

Introducing Motion Pictures In The New Eastman Sch StudioLightMagazine1923 240

A Portion of the Studio Built for the Eastman School Motion Picture.

Then, too, in addition to the actual mechanics of making a picture there must be the carefully made plans of an architect who understands this kind of work, the proper decoration and furnishing of the various sets, the scenario of the action that is to be pictured and the selection and rehearsing of the actors themselves.

But motion pictures could make a bigger, a better and more comprehensive Eastman School, so motion pictures were made and you are to see them and judge for yourself of their worth.

It is our belief that motion pictures will make the school much more interesting and instructive and will present a greater number of ideas more clearly and in a shorter time, and a few of the reasons why we think so, follow.

First of all, a beautiful full size and complete studio was built and equipped specially for these pictures and this could not be brought to you in any way other than pictures. It is not a common studio - it is a very unusual and artistic studio and it has been designed to give you a great many ideas in arrangement and equipment that you could get in no other way.

Introducing Motion Pictures In The New Eastman Sch StudioLightMagazine1923 241

Portrait Film Negative, Vitava Print

By The Green-Crane Studio Kansas City, Mo.

In addition to sales room, office and camera room there is a laboratory, printing room, finishing room, retouching room and enlarging room and you see every department in actual operation. You visit this remarkable studio ten different times and each time without the loss of a second in formalities.

For this reason you see more actual sittings made and from a greater variety of subjects than would be possible by the old school method. The models were selected to give you the greatest number of ideas of how to pose and light the most difficult subjects as well as the good ones, and such a selection can never be made at a local school or convention with satisfactory results.

And in the motion pictures all of the unimportant action is cut out. This is impossible in actual demonstrations but it is very easy in pictures. Actual sittings were made but you don't have to wait while the photographer focuses and arranges his camera. You see everything that is important but nothing that is unimportant and you see it unobstructed, from every point in the hall and larger by far than in life. After you have seen the motion pictures you can see the actual negatives that were made and these will all be displayed in the hall where the school sessions are held.

But don't get the impression that this is merely a motion picture play. There is a lecture for each picture and there are slides to illustrate details of camera and work rooms and you can ask all the questions you like and get all the technical information and instruction that you have had at previous schools.

You may think that such motion pictures might be dry or that it is not possible to show working conditions in a darkroom clearly. We can assure you there is plenty of real humor in the pictures and that it doesn't detract from their educational value. And motion picture producers have marveled at the effects we have secured in darkrooms and have proclaimed this to be the first motion picture in which actual plumbing has been installed in all the sets where plumbing would ordinarily be used.

It is a very complete picture - in fact the largest, so called, industrial picture ever made and it is rounded out with everything necessary to make the New Eastman School of Professional Photography the best school that has ever been put on the road.

For the fall and early spring it will swing around the eastern states but later on it will cover the entire country. So you will have an opportunity to see that motion pictures have really done something big for professional photography.

Introducing Motion Pictures In The New Eastman Sch StudioLightMagazine1923 243


By The Green-Crane Studio Kansas City, Mo.

The following dates have been arranged for the six schools previous to the holiday season.

Albany, N. Y.

Oct. 2nd, 3rd and 4th.

Buffalo, N. Y.

Oct. 9th. 10th and 11th.

Cleveland, Ohio.

Oct. 16th, 17th and 18th. Detroit, Mich.

Oct. 23rd, 24th and 25th. Cincinnati, Ohio.

Oct. 30th, 31st and Nov. 1st. Rochester, N. Y.

Nov. 6th, 7th and 8th.