Your advertising for your studio will be all the more effective because you are also known as a citizen who has the welfare of the community at heart.

The Pictures And The Man Who Made Them StudioLightMagazine1923 198


By O. H.Boye San Francisco, Cal.

The Pictures And The Man Who Made Them StudioLightMagazine1923 200


By O. H. Boye San Francisco, Cal.

But why shouldn't you have pictures of yourself and why shouldn't you be held up to ridicule if you don't have them?

If it isn't vanity on the part of your customers it isn't an indication of vanity for you to be photographed. And when you do have an opportunity to have your picture used in the newspaper it's good business.

Try a shot at yourself, let your assistant practice on you or have the next demonstrator who drops in make a negative or two. When another photographer drops in to see you, make a negative of him and have him make one of you.

Some photographers take great pride in a collection of pictures of themselves made by other photographers. This exchange of professional courtesy gives them ideas of the other man's methods of working and both profit by the experience. And incidentally both can say to the reporter "Certainly, here are half a dozen pictures any of which you may publish - take your choice and come again."


Five thousand represents a conservative estimate of the number of mosquitoes that were darting in and out with blood in their eyes and their stomachs.

Twenty-three represents the twenty-three people gathered together on the lawn for a photograph of the family reunion and ranging in age from 2 years to 90.The contest was very unequal and the mosquitoes were having the thing all their own way. As a result, while the reunionites were putting up a bold front, it took considerable effort.Obviously, the situation called for speed on the part of the photographer - speed in picture preliminaries. A glance at the two-year-old was enough to assure him that a squall was brewing and grandmother, who really was tired, began to show it. Yes, the situation called for speed but the photographer apparently didn't hear it. The two-year-old's dress had to be adjusted just so, the six-year-old was told not to show his teeth and. becoming at once mortally offended, was with difficulty restrained from bolting the picture altogether. Father was advised that he didn't look very happy and that the chair he was in was too small. A larger chair was produced and then father looked even gloomier so the original one was put back. A stray curl was trained neatly over Dimple's shoulder. A wrinkle in Eddie's shirt was stretched out.

The Pictures And The Man Who Made Them StudioLightMagazine1923 202


By O. H.Boye San Francisco, Cal.

And meanwhile the mosquitoes carried on business as usual and the group was rapidly becoming demoralized. Real smiles had changed to forced ones, two-year-old was on the point of tears, six-year-old had a set look on his face that meant murder, and grandmother had completely wilted. At length the photographer made the picture and the family made for the safety of the screened porch to devote the next hour wondering why it was that they had submitted to what really had been a painful ordeal. Of course such a chance for a picture might never come again but Uncle Ned suggested that next year they all go to the hospital and have their tonsils out as being less wearing on the nerves.Remember that picture preliminaries are rarely interesting to the person who is being photographed and the idea that a two-year-old is going to be permanently charmed by the repetition of the word "Birdie" has been exploded.

This is all old stuff, I know, but it's so fresh in my mind - What? I most certainly was not the photographer but I did happen to be in that family group. Here are a couple of dozen mosquito bites to prove it.