Yes. we are going to say something more about advertising - Easter advertising, to be specific, because Easter conies on April 1st this year and it isn't any too soon to make plans.

We have been talking a good bit about advertising of late but we can't help it because we are convinced that what we have been saying of advertising is true. Every photographer who makes good photographs and advertises consistently to increase the demand has found his business steadily growing.

We say steadily, because advertising of the right kind doesn't make your business grow by leaps and bounds. It takes bargain advertising to do that, and the bigger the bound the harder you light when you come back to the level. Advertising gymnastics do not pay.

Advertising must constantly remind people that photographs are desirable, that friends want photographs of friends, that such gifts are more personal and suggest more thoughtfulness than any other gift of a similar cost. The slogan: "Your friends can buy anything you can give them - except your photograph," expresses it as well as anything you can say. and is just as good now as when it was first used.

The thing to bear in mind in advertising at Easter, or at any other time, is to create demand. You don't sell a thing until someone wants it and when you merely advertise photographs you only reach people who have already decided they want photographs. When you suggest the appropriateness of the photograph as an Easter gift, however, you are making people think how they can use photographs. You are creating a desire - building up a sentiment for the thing you wish to sell. And by continual suggestion along these lines you are influencing a lot of new people to want photographs.

Your suggestions keep pounding away until finally the desire stimulates action and you have a new customer. It may take a year, it may take only a few weeks, depending upon the individual, but the suggestions are cumulative and will eventually bring results.

Easter offers excellent opportunities for advertising suggestions. And good results are sure to follow. Every woman counts upon Easter to bring forth for her a complete new outfit. It is the opening of Spring and she must lay aside, if only for the day, her winter garb and deck herself out in what fashion dictates for Easter.

If she has had any thought of having a new portrait made - if Christmas remembrances have included portraits of friends, she has probably thought she would wait and make it an Easter portrait. Possibly she has thought of using that portrait as an Easter gift. But it is just as likely that when the time draws near she may forget or neglect to have that picture made.

Just here is where your advertising must step in to remind her, not once but several times. She is busy with preparations and these are very important to a woman. So important that she may forget all else.

Remind her that the new Easter gown will make her portrait all the more attractive and that time must be allowed for finishing the pictures if they are to be used for Easter Greetings. And possibly it might be a good idea to devise a special style of print that can be used for the Easter Greeting.

Other photographers have made up attractive folders and have exhibited them in their display cases, suggesting that they take the place of the ordinary greeting card. At any rate, the display case should work in harmony with newspaper advertising to keep the thought continually in mind that Easter is an occasion for that most personal of all gifts - your photograph.

The illustration and the text we suggest on page 26 are appropriate for the occasion, and the text can be varied, making the one illustration answer for several advertisements. These stipple drawings are made from photographs specially for your use and are suitable either for newspaper advertisements or for small folders or leaflets such as we have recommended in several previous issues of Studio Light.

We want you to make use of these cuts and are furnishing them considerably below their actual cost to us as an incentive for you to use them. A picture attracts attention and that is the first requirement of good advertising.

Time To Begin Your Easter Advertising StudioLightMagazine1923 31

FROM A SUPER SPEED PORTRAIT FILM NEGATIVE Brown velour covered furniture, no filter used.

By Milton J. Washburn Buffalo, N. Y.

By advertising continually you will keep your old customers, add new ones and actually increase the popularity of photography and the volume of business.

So that advertising, instead of being an expense, unquestionably becomes an investment that pays excellent returns.