There is very little need to exploit tank development. It is a method of working that has almost become universal because of its practical and labor saving advantages as well as the results it produces.

There have been some changes in tank development equipment, however, and most noteworthy of these has been the introduction of the No. 4 Eastman Film Developing Hangers.

The earlier type of Developing Hanger was satisfactory and has given years of service, but the new Hanger has points of convenience over the old and gives added years of service.

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As will be seen by the illustration, its construction is similar to that of the Core Developing Rack which is made for plates. It has a flat, top cross bar at each end of which is a notch cut at an angle so that the hangers may be suspended on a wire to allow the films to dry.

The side and bottom channels are V shaped and are perforated to allow the solutions to enter and to drain away. The top channel is hinged so that it may be turned up when the film is inserted. When the film is in place the top channel is turned back and held in place by a spring clip so that the film is held on all four sides by the frame.

Of course a film is flexible but it will be found that with ordinary care there is no part of the developing process in which enough pressure is brought to bear on the film to dislodge it. A hanger containing a film negative may even be held under a moderate flow of water from a tap and be swabbed off with no danger of its falling out if even reasonable care is used.

The main advantages of the No. 4 Hangers are their compactness, their simplicity of construction, no clips being needed to hold the film, and the ease with which they are loaded. They are also easy to clean.

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By Milton J. Washburn Buffalo, .N.Y.

This matter of cleaning is very important with any apparatus that has to do with developing. A Developing Hanger should be cleaned just the same as a tray should be cleaned, and while these Hangers are made of non-eorrodi-ble metal this fact does not prevent them from becoming coated with the oxidation products of the developer and silver from the fixing bath. When in regular use they should be cleaned once a week. Soak them for an hour in a 5 per cent solution of acetic acid, scrub them thoroughly with a solution of carbonate of soda and rinse well before drying.

With the No. 4 Film Developing Hanger the negative may remain in the hanger through developing, fixing and washing, and may also be dried in the hanger. The notch in either end of the top bar allows the hangers to be suspended on wires, or the top bar will fit in the notches of an ordinary negative drying rack.

As the film negative dries somewhat more slowly along the edges when in the hanger, it may easily be removed when quick drying is necessary. The top channel is raised, a photo clip is attached to one corner and the film is drawn out without the need of touching it with one's fingers. It is then hung up by the clip to dry.

As a tank of developer should always be thoroughly stirred before using, there is no need of using the hangers to agitate the developer. They are placed in the tank of developer with one continuous motion and when the film is completely immersed the top bar is grasped in the center, slightly raised and sharply tapped on the edges of the tank.

This motion of raising and lowering will loosen or break any air bells that might form on the bottom or edges of the film. This movement, however, should not be enough to raise the film above the surface of the developer.

The satisfied users of an article are probably its best recommendation. We quote from a letter received from the Photographic Department of the Chicago Surface Lines:

"Your No. 4 Eastman Film Developing Hangers have saved me much time and trouble. Each month we develop from twelve to fourteen hundred 8 x 10 Eastman Portrait Film in addition to several hundreds more of every other kind of Eastman Film manufactured, and honestly confess that your No. 4 Hangers have made the work a real pleasure, accelerating it tremendously."

Your dealer can supply you with the Eastman Film Developing Hanger No. 4.

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By Milton .J. Washburn Buffalo, N.Y.