That the thousands who formerly practiced photography in the fields, as an amusement and recreation, took great delight in it and found it to be an extremely fascinating pursuit, there can be no denial. When we think of the difficulties that were continually being encountered, and the trials of patience and temper that had to be submitted to - to say nothing of the disagreeable nature of the many solutions that were necessary, the stains on the hands and clothing incidental to the use of nitrate of silver and the solution of iron, and the heavy and bulky nature of the apparatus - we are constrained to believe that the rewards must have been more than commensurate to the fatigue incurred, to the disappointment occasioned by frequent failures, and to the dislike of dirty hands and stained and spoiled clothing.

Now, however, by the introduction of the new process of dry plate work, all that was disagreeable has been done away with. The collodion, the silver-bath, the developer and fixing solutions - as things to be carried with you - are now of the past, and even the glass plates will soon be known no more as impedimenta to the amateur. In place of the heavy Camera and plate-holders, we have now feather-weight constructions, that are no more a burden, but rather, ornamental objects, the possession of which and their use is more of a pleasure than otherwise. It is not surprising, then, that in view of these wonderful changes, the thousands who formerly practiced photography for amusement have increased to tens of thousands. And the dry plate equipment for viewing has become a part of the impedimenta of the summer tourist, as well when he or she travels by land as when they voyage by sea. The bicyclist, too, goes out with a Camera, that may be attached to his wheel, and makes instantaneous views as he spins along the road, or dismounts and takes in some beautiful bit of scenery.

The boys, and also the girls, have seized upon this fascinating pursuit, and the gardens and conservatories have been converted into studios, where every member of the family, including the baby and the pet animals, have been posed, and their pictures bear witness to the triumph and delight of the young artists. Amateur photographers, male and female, may be found during the season at the summer resorts by the sea or at the breezy mountain house; wherever the well-to-do citizen takes his family for rest and recreation during the "dog days," there will the tripod be set up and the Camera will record the topography of the vicinity. For every one of these thousands of amateurs there is something to learn before he or she can succeed in producing a picture; to know how to make a photograph never comes by intuition, but must be acquired by study and practical experiment. This need not be prolonged or difficult, and the purpose of these pages is to afford the beginners that instruction, which will enable them to surmount the difficulties of a new and untried pursuit; to open up to them the knowledge that will enable them to bring the little dry plate and the quantum of pyro together, so that they may tell a story, the constantly varying changes of which will afford ever renewing delight, a pleasure gained without undue fatigue and never followed by regret or pain. One little gem of a negative or transparency will afford the maker more real pleasure, than many a costlier amusement.

Amateur Apparatus

Amateur Apparatus.

Apparatus set up, consisting of camera box, lens, carrying case and tripod.

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