Much attention has been bestowed upon the posing chair since 1865, when Sarony introduced into the country the posing apparatus which first brought his name permanently before the American photographers and the public.

The Sarony posing chair, table, rest, etc., has, however, passed, and remains among the things that were, and many other styles of chair since have had their brief day and are gone.

The Bowdish Chair

The Bowdish Chair.

Among those that still remain in use this continues to be. popular, and indeed it is a very useful and elegant article of furniture for the studio; and from the ease with which it can be converted from a high back chair for standing figures, to a posing chair for sitters, it will probably continue to be, as it always has been, the most useful accessory in the photographic studio.

The Bowdish Chair With Revolving Circular Arm

The Bowdish Chair With Revolving Circular Arm.

These chairs are so pre-eminently superior in all desirable qualities that it is only necessary that their perfection of manufacture and ingenious plan of construction be seen to be commended by every one. Made of solid walnut, secured by means of a patented iron frame, they unite unusual strength with graceful outline and richness of effect. The quality of materials used, also, has always been of the best; and the constant aim is to make them excel in each and every particular. They have no uncertain joints, no clumsy and unsightly proportions, no "fixings" to become detached or render the chair useless when broken. They are better adapted to the varied requirements of a modern photographic gallery - better suited to the prevailing styles of portraiture, and more in consonance with modern studio accessories.

The Bowdish Chair With Sofa Attachment

The Bowdish Chair With Sofa Attachment.

In short, the Bowdish chair combines the advantages and uses of all the various chairs in market, comprising -


A chair with high back, with or without arms.


A chair with a revolving circular arm. This is an advantage over the ordinary chair with circular arm, which has only the vertical movement.


A lounge attachment, which is invaluable for infants and children.

The New Patent Novel Chair

The New Patent Novel Chair.

For sitting positions, vignettes, etc., the Novel chair is the best out for low bust and vignette pictures. The back is peculiarly well adapted; it gives support without the back becoming conspicuous in the picture. This chair is a valuable piece of furniture for any gallery, and many prefer it to the old-established favorite Anthony' Position Chair, which has been for many years the useful chair of the studio.

Anthonys Position Chair

Anthonys Position Chair.

Anthony's Sliding Back Position Chair

Anthony's Sliding-Back Position Chair.

Anthony's Sliding-Back Position Chair has been found to be just the thing for many positions, such as half lengths, full lengths and even sittings, and also for babies, as the back and arms are movable.

For some years past the little folks, babies and infants, have become a large part of the most profitable clientage of the photo studio, and much attention has been bestowed on the furniture and accessories suitable for them and their pictures. Among such, the is a novelty itself, indispensable to any photographic studio; the opening between seat and back is an advantage for posing children. (Also made with hole in centre of the high back.)

Queen Anne Child's Lounge

Queen Anne Child's Lounge.

These two forms of lounge are very useful and popular, having been adopted in many studios doing a large business with the little folks.

An extra cushion is now made for the Child's chair. This, placed in a semicircle under the knees, ensures the favorite pose of babyhood.

Two forms of chairs for babies are very popular with the average photographer, being neat in design and finely finished, greatly adding to the effect of a good photograph of a pretty baby.

The Baby Chair

The Baby Chair.

The Baby Holder is not a chair, but a holder, and can be placed in any chair or on a table. It can be adjusted to any angle, to hold the baby securely in position.

These baby lounges and chairs should be raised on a platform, when in use. The platform should be from 6 to 12 inches high and on large, easy casters, so that it can be easily moved about the room. Such a platform is a great convenience for all sitters, the sub ject can so readily be moved without being put to the inconvenience of rising from the seat. With these chairs certain little cushions for the back and seat are very useful, and are supplied when required.