These boxes are usually made for use with four or more lenses in a block, by which at one exposure as many pictures are made as there are lenses.

The size represented by Figs. I and 2 is usually employed for work in tents or portable houses, on fairgrounds and places of resort at the seaside and elsewhere during the summer season.

Fig. 1 shows the front, with the method of attaching the four lenses, which are of the ¼ size, and they make four pictures on a 5x7 plate.

Climax 1

Fig. I. Climax.

Fig. 2 shows the back of the same box with the ground glass reversed, and the plateholder partly pushed into position; there are shown also the openings through which the various sizes of pictures are made. This box can also be used with one lens for making two cartes de visite or one cabinet on the 5x7 plate.

The same style may be had with the ground glass hinged to the box.

Climax 2

Fig. 2. Climax.

This same style of box is made also of larger sizes, 0 be used with one or more lenses, of which Fig. 3 represents the size for 8x10, by which with one lens can be made 4 cartes de visite or 2 cabinets on 8x10 or 7x10 plates, and with 4 lenses 8 cartes de visile on the same size plate, or with 9 lenses 18 large gems are made by two exposures.

The Camera Box For Positives And The Multiplier PhotographyInStudioAndField 34

Fig. 3.

For gallery work, however, the Figs. 4 and 5 represent the most useful form of multiplying camera, as by their aid everything that would be called for in a ferrotype gallery can be made.

N Camera, Rear View

Fig. 4. N Camera, Rear View.

The Camera Box For Positives And The Multiplier PhotographyInStudioAndField 36

Fig. 5.

With one lens can be made on 8x10 plate : 2 cabinets, 2 cartes de visite or 1 large picture. With 4 lenses can be made on 8x10 plate by 2 exposures: 8 cartes de visite, and on 5x7 plates by one exposure, 4 cartes de visite.

With 9 1/9 lenses on 7x10 plate can be made with two exposures: 18 gems; with 4 exposures, 36 gems; and with 8 exposures, 72 gems; on 5x7 plate with 1 exposure, 9; 2 exposures, 18; and with 4 exposures, 36 gems.

The carriage and plate holder of these boxes move vertically and horizontally, thus giving the operator the power of making a great variety of sizes and of using any size of plate from ¼ upwards to 8x10. On the ¼ plate can be made with one exposure, 4 1/9 gems; 8 of the next smaller size by 2 exposures; and 16 of the smallest size, by 4 exposures, thus bringing into use only 4 of the 9 lenses; the second size is made by placing the lenses horizontally, also the openings in the back of the box, the plate also is laid on its side in the holder.

These boxes are finished in a variety of styles, plain or ornamental, and are fitted with holders for negatives as well as the usual rabbeted holders for ferrotypes, and by their use all the work of a small establishment might very easily be done, as all the sizes of ferrotypes are made from 16 gems on ¼ plate to 72 of the same size on 7x10 plate, and by one lens everything, positive or negative, from ¼ to 8x10 size, are made without difficulty.