The Success Camera, for viewing, Figs. 15 and 16, is an instrument calculated in every way to meet the requirements of professional out-door work. It is made in a form to secure the utmost rigidity and strength with the least weight. The bellows is conical, the bed is folding, the double swing back is convenient and easy of adjustment. In front, below the lens, is a small recess, or closet, in which extra tubes, flanges, screws, screwdriver, etc., may be safely carried; when folded, its bulk is small and occupies but little space. From the front to the outside surface of the bed, as folded, is only six inches, and the weight for 11 X 14 box, with ground glass and plate-holder, is only twenty-two pounds. By referring to the cut, 16, the compactness of this camera may be realized.

The Camera For Viewing And Out Door Work PhotographyInStudioAndField 46

Fig. 15.

From the mode of construction the bed is rendered peculiarly rigid, and in their attachment and arrangement the brass guides are protected from injury. In case that, through accident, any part should get broken, it can readily be replaced without returning the camera.

The Novel View Camera is the latest response to the demand for something that shall be very light and very convenient. Its construction is the result of a series of experiments entered into with a view to obtaining an instrument in the make up of which there shall be no unnecessary weight, and combining easy adjustment with great rigidity. It being absolutely necessary that a view camera shall permit the use of the plate both horizontally and vertically, all the older forms of view cameras were built square, to pe:mit the shifting of the plate, thus adding very much to the weight of the instrument. In this instrument, however, all that is possible has been done to reduce the bulk and weight; in doing so several new improvements have been adopted. The box itself is very little larger in outside measurement than the largest plate it will take, and the double holder is so perfect as to be very little if any heavier than the glass plates it is intended to contain. The greatest improvement is the revolving bellows, the front end of which is fastened in the light frame-work in such a way that when the back is detached from the bed the whole bellows revolves, instead of requiring to be unbuttoned, as heretofore, making a great saving in time. The back is held to the bed by metal plates having slotted holes, which permit the passage of round screw-heads, which slide over the slots and thus hold very firmly. The back may be detached and changed from a vertical po-sition to a horizontal in so short a space of time as two seconds, by the watch.

The Novel View Camera

Fig. 16. The Novel View Camera.

Representing The Camera While Being Reversed

Fig. 17. Representing The Camera While Being Reversed.

These boxes are made with a double swing, the combination of the two swings making it possible to avoid all distortion of lines.

These cameras are made in all sizes from 4x5 to 18 X22, and they are decidedly the camera of the period. The 3 suitable sizes are fitted with partitions, and extra fronts for stereoscopic work.

The novel dry plate holders for these cameras are stripped of every unnecessary bulk and weight, each will contain two plates, except the sizes above 8x10, which are fitted with a patent shield, each one of which has two slides working in the end and in the side of the shield, therefore the slide can be withdrawn from the side of the shield, no matter in what position the camera is placed. These shields are single for one dry plate only. All the sizes of Novel Cameras above 8x10 are made with the ground glass of the same focus as for wet plate holders; if desired wet plate holders can be furnished to order.

The Klauber Camera

A new idea has been perfected and carried out in connection with the Novel Camera, making it a combination View and Portrait Camera with the above name. See Cuts 18 and 19. A portrait attachment has been constructed to fit the back of the larger sizes of the Novel Camera, which can be attached or detached in a few seconds, thus rendering it unnecessary that there should be two large and expensive cameras in one gallery. This is an exceedingly valuable improvement for the larger sizes in more than one particular. The 18x22 size, with ground glass and two plate holders, weighs only 50 lbs.; the measurement of this size outside is 1 1x22x30ΒΌ inches only.

Klauber Camera, View Part Only

Fig. 18. Klauber Camera, View Part Only.

The Klauber Camera PhotographyInStudioAndField 50

Fig. 19.

Thus it will be seen that every variety of work in the gallery may be done with two or at the most three Cameras.

The Climax Imperial Cameras for work up to 8x10; a Klauber Camera for portrait and view work from 8x 10 to any size desired, together with a Copying Camera, would make a superb outfit for any gallery.