The amateur is recommended to get some experience in making exposures before attempting to develop.

By taking plates to some photographic establishment for development, and observing carefully the method of manipulating them, one will soon learn about the proper exposure to allow; and then the advice of the operator may be of some value.

There may, however, be some who are so situated as to be unable to avail themselves of such an opportunity, and are compelled to rely on printed instructions for all they have to do. To such we have only to say, then go ahead and do the best you can.

Do Not Over-Expose

The outfit for development would consist first of the apparatus or dishes; second, of the chemical components of the developer, and the clearing and fixing solutions.

The dishes or apparatus are:

Developing trays,

Tray or dish for alum solution,

Tray or dish for fixing solution,

Washing box,

Negative racks,

Glass stoppered bottles,

2 of 1 lb. each for pyro and soda,

2 of ½ gallon each for oxalate and iron,

2 of ½ gallon each for alum and hypo,

Glass graduates,

1 of 8 oz., 1 of 1 oz,

Glass funnels,

Filtering paper,

A balance scales for weighing 1 grain to ¼ lb.

The developing tray is made of japanned iron, of ebonite or of hard rubber.

These are all made to suit the various sizes of plates in use; the japanned iron trays are the cheapest, but they wear out rapidly; the ebonite trays are rather higher in price, but they are more durable, and have a clean polished surface. The hard rubber dishes are the most expensive, and perhaps the most durable.

Japanned Iron Developing Trays

Japanned Iron Developing Trays.

Ebonite Trays

Ebonite Trays.

The amateur should procure his trays of a size suitable for the largest plate he uses, and should have two or more on hand always for developing purposes. These dishes are also suitable for the clearing and fixing solutions; but for these solutions the upright bath dish and dipper are better for several reasons; first, because there is less evaporation; second, all sediment sinks to the bottom, and the solution is always clean; and last, but not least, they take up less room.

Anthony's Glass Baths In Boxes

Anthony's Glass Baths In Boxes.