The gelatine plate requires much and prolonged washing to free it from the solutions by which it is developed and fixed, and which, if not thoroughly washed from the film, would ultimately injure and perhaps dis-troy it. An apparatus has been devised for washing dry plates, which may be adapted to any size plate from 4x5 to 8x10.

It has a perforated false bottom, the water is received into the box beneath the bottom, passes up through the perforations and out through a pipe at the side; the plates are placed in the grooves and rest on the false bottom. The force of the water is checked in passing through the false bottom and flows evenly up through the plates. A half hour of washing in this box would be quite enough to thoroughly cleanse the film from hypo, etc.

Another and very effective model is the Anthony Self-Changing Shower Washing Box.

Anthony Self Changing Shower Washing Box

Anthony Self-Changing Shower Washing Box.

(Patent applied for.)

The Anthony Self-Changing Shower Washing Box for dry plate negatives is a nicely constructed and convenient apparatus. Made substantially, and well japanned inside and out, it has interior grooves in which either 5x8 or 8x10 negatives may be placed. When the negatives are introduced, the hose is attached to a faucet; the lid is now closed and locked if desired, and the water turned on.

It will be seen that the water enters the washer from above, and that the inside of the lid is made in the form of a perforated fountain, which discharges a spray over the plates. When the negatives are entirely submerged, the water is all drawn off by means of a self-acting syphon, and the process of showering is repeated.

With this apparatus the hypo can be thoroughly eliminated from the gelatine film in from fifteen minutes to half an hour. The change of water is continuous.

Negative Racks

When the plates are well washed they are removed from the washing box and set up in where they will soon dry, and when dry they should be stored in boxes to be kept free from dampness and dust.

Anthonys Folding Negative Rack

Anthonys Folding Negative Rack.

Negative Boxes

Negative Boxes.

These boxes are made of every size and are indispensable for the proper preservation of dry plates.

Chemical Components Of The Developer

The solutions for developments, both by the neutral oxalate and the alkaline pyro processes, should be kept in air-tight glass-stoppered bottles; in fact, rubber stoppers are superior to glass for keeping out the air, and when they can be had should be preferred.

Glass funnels and filtering paper for filtering the various solutions should always be kept handy for use.

Glass graduates are quite indispensable in preparing and mixing the developing solutions.

A balance scale is equally necessary for the same purpose.

The chemical constituents of the developing outfit are :

Neutral oxalate of potash,

Protosuphate of iron, for oxalate development,

Sulphite of soda,

Sal-soda or carbonate of soda,

Carbonate of potash,

Bromide of ammonium,

Concentrated ammonia,

Pyrogallic acid, for alkaline pyro development, etc.,

Alum and citric acid, for clearing solution,

Hyposulphite of soda, for fixing solution.

The Amateur Dark Room

It is not necessary that the amateur should have a thoroughly appointed dark room, although such a room is a great convenience and not at all difficult to construct nor expensive to keep up.

Those desiring to construct a convenient and safe dark room should consult the article on dark room in the first part of this book. Such a room might be put up in an out-building where running water could be had, but for occasional use the bath-room or any closet in the house that contained running water and is large enough to hold a small table would answer every purpose. It would be necessary to stop every crevice that would admit white light, by covering such places with heavy red orange paper. The window, if there is one, may be covered with the same paper or a heavy shawl. The room may then be lighted comfortably with Carbutt's Dry Plate Developing Lantern, which may set upon the table with the developing tray before, as in the cut.

When abroad making views it is sometimes necessary to change the plates in the holders; for this purpose carry with you a ruby glass gas burner chimney, which is a plain cylinder of ruby glass, about one and a half inches in diameter and six to eight inches long. Light a short piece of candle and set the chimney over it; this in any small dark closet will give plenty of light for the purpose, and indeed might do to develop by at a pinch.

Lantern Arranged For Developing, And After Fixing, Examining Negatives By Opal Light

Lantern Arranged For Developing, And After Fixing, Examining Negatives By Opal Light.