There has long been a demand on the part of the public for a Camera that would at once embrace these most necessary requirements - portability, compactness and strength, combined with beauty and accuracy of working.

Hitherto the nearest approach to this has been the "Novel " Camera, which for a time seemed to be everything that could be desired. But urgent calls for something still better were frequently made, and the result is the Fairy Camera, by far the most attractive and elegant piece of apparatus of its kind ever offered. In presenting it,attention is invited to the following advantages it possesses over all others.


They are put together as rigidly as wood and metal will admit of, and are therefore perfectly rigid.


They occupy less space than any other view Cameras of the same capacity, and the plate-holders actually require little more than one-half the room of the lightest of any others in use. The plate-holders are made of hard wood, with metal carriers for the plates, and fitted with all the later improvements.


The small compass to which they may be reduced renders them in this respect incomparably superior to any. They are packed in canvas-covered wooden cases, and each double plate-holder has its own compartment. The cover of its case telescopes over its body.

Several new features have been availed of in the construction of this Camera, to wit: The bed may be instantly rendered rigid, without the use of screws, by means of a brace of hooks, that hold the two sections of the bed with great firmness.


The rabbet commonly found on the plate-holder is dispensed with, and instead, it is placed on the Camera, thus saving the otherwise additional weight rendered necessary for twelve such rabbets when made on the plate-holders (two on each of the six usually carried), and the not inconsiderable item of three-quarters of an inch in bulk.


The Camera is focussed with a long, continuous metallic rack, cog-wheel and pinion, the latter being held firmly in position by a binding screw.

The ground glass swings backward in its frame, like that in the regular Novel Camera, and is held tightly in position by metallic spring corners. When windy, this is a decided advantage.

The Fairy Camera is made in finely polished mahogany, the metal work being nickel-plated, thus making it the most elegant and perfect Camera known.

They are made with and without stereoscopic attachments. Naturally, those without stereoscopic attachments are lighter and more compact than those with, and may be preferred by persons desiring to make single views or portraits only.

These Cameras are made in four sizes only - from 4¼x6½ to 8x10. Those desiring a larger Camera should procure the Novel Camera, which is manufactured of all sizes up to 18x22.

The Novel Camera With Double Swing Back In The Act Of Being Reversed

The Novel Camera With Double Swing Back In The Act Of Being Reversed.

An ingenious improvement has been introduced in connection with the Fairy and Novelette Cameras, which is shown in the cut.

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It consists in the use, with a 5x8 Camera, an additional body and bellows for 8x10, which can be attached to the front and bed of the 5x8 on removal of the 5x8 bellows to back. This substitution can be made in a few seconds, giving the user the command of two Cameras at small expense.