Exercise 4

Name the value of colors in objects about the room according to corresponding number in value scale.

A Chart Of Chromas

Use same color scale as in chart of values (red). Mount one-inch squares. Then taking the middle value of the hue red, decrease it in chroma or intensity by mixing it with its complement blue-green 5 until it becomes neutral 5. Next mix red 5 with blue-green 5 until its chroma is half way between neutral 5 and red 5, thus making R of middle value and middle chroma. The result may be tested with the Munsell middle color cards. Then, combine red with its complement to form intermediate chromas between the middle chroma and gray, and intermediates between middle chroma and red 5 (diagram, Fig. 31). By adding water or Chinese white, increase the value of the three intermediate chromas; and by adding black decrease the values; complete the chart according to Diagram 4. This may be simplified by omitting the value scale of chromas. Fig. 32 is another suggestion for a chroma chart.

Plate II

A Chart Of Chromas 59Textiles illustrating color design

Textiles illustrating color design

If the ten hues of the scale are used by a class a complete diagram of 360 tones all notated or named will be the result, forming valuable reference material for color study.

FIG. 30.   Chart of values.

FIG. 30. - Chart of values.

We should now understand the three dimensions or qualities of color, hue, value and chroma. The next step is to recognize and become more familiar with them.


Whatever system of notation is chosen it must be clearly understood and consistently adhered to. Munsell gives the following:

Hue is notated with the initial letter; for example, red, R, blue, B, etc.

Fig. 31.   Chroma chart.

Fig. 31. - Chroma chart.

Value is indicated by a numeral placed above the line to the right of the initial. Thus R5 means red at 5 of the value scale.

Plate III

Fig. 1

Notation 63Notation 64Notation 65Fig.3


Notation 67Notation 68Fig. 4

Fig. 4

Notation 70Notation 71Notation 72Fig. 5

Fig. 5

Notation 74Notation 75Fig. 6

Fig. 6

Notation 77Notation 78Fig. 7

Fig. 7

Fig. 8

Fig. 8

Suggestions for exercises in color design.

Suggestions for exercises in color design.

Chroma is shown by a numeral below the line, thus R means red of value 5 and a chroma one-half way between a full intensity and gray. In the chroma scale we have used only five steps. In order to keep them consistent with the value scale of nine steps we number them according to the diagram (Fig. 32).

Fig. 32.   Development of chroma scale.

Fig. 32. - Development of chroma scale.

Color Classification

Arrange a chart of mounted samples of fabrics in various hues. Classify or notate the colors as to hue, value and chroma (Plate I).