Messrs. Chapman & Hall, Ltd., Publishers, 11, Henrietta Street, Covent Garden, London, W.C.

Mobbs & Lewis, Ltd,,


Makers of the British Treeing Machine

Makers of the "British" Treeing Machine


Easy-Exit Lasts in Wood and Iron.

J. E. Pearse & Co.,

88 to 02, Overstone Road, Northampton.



Wax & Machine Grindery. Peabse's Wax

For all kinds of

Sole=Sewing Machinery.

Made In Various Colours, Including White, Gold, Black, Brown, Fawn.

The Only White And Gold which does not fly to Dust on the Machine.

Machine Grindery

Of The Utmost Accuracy


To Fit All Kinds Of Heeling And Other Machines.

Best Quality Only.

Correspondence Invited.

W. & H. Miers,



Are the Sole Manufacturers of

Embo Calf,

A Black Glace Chrome Calf; and

Tanbo Calf,

A Brown Chrome Calf, Smooth Finish; and

The Original English Manufacturers



Box & Willow Calf;


Russia & Ooze Calf;

In fact, Everything In Calf for Boots and Shoes.

The Linen Thread Co.,

---------------------------- Limited.

Head Office: 53, Both Well ST., Glasgow.

Telegraphic Address: "Threads," Glasgow. Telephone No. 1266, Argyle.

Branch Warehouses in the United Kingdom: Belfast: 2, Bedford Street Glasgow: 14, Princes Square. Birmingham: 26, Church St. Leeds : 24, Aire Street. Bristol: 12, Bridge Street. Leicester : 50, Belvoir Street.

Dublin : 10, St. Andrews Street. London: 6, Hamsell Street.

Manchester: 20, York Street.

Manufacturers of all kinds of Linen Threads,

Shoe Threads,

Embroidery Threads, Flax And Hemp Twines, Seaming Twines,

Fishing Nets, etc, etc.

Established 1864.

E. Duckenfield & Son,

Acutus Works,

31, Gold Street, Northampton

Patentees and Manufacturers of Specialities for the

Boot and Shoe Trades and the Technical Schools.

Boot and Shoe Manufacturers and Shoe Pattern Designers in the Technical Work of the above Trades may rely upon the Accuracy, Workmanship, and Efficiency of every article manufactured by them.

Messrs. E. D. & S.'s. Standard Factory and Retailers' Size Sticks in Several Patterns, Measures, Substance or Edge Gauges, Precision Grading Instruments, Steel Rules, etc., have long been acknowledged as Standard Instruments for the Trades.

They desire specially to invite the attention of the Trade, Wholesale and Retail, to their New "Perfect" Size Stick. It is the Smartest, Most Efficient, and Accurate Instrument ever made for the purpose. It contains every up-to-date improvement. It is fitted with a scale which shows at a glance the height of the Heel any Last is made to carry. It is a perfect Size Stick.

Size Sticks for French, American, German, and English Measurements. Ranging Sticks. Substance or Edge Gauges. Pattern Cutters' Grading Points. Scallop or Button Boot Grading Points. Proportional Compasses. Dividers. Precision Spring Bow Compasses. Pattern Cutters' Bright Steel Rules, divided into 16 different divisions. Metallic Shoe Tapes and Spring-up Tapes. Shears, Hand and Machine, etc., etc.

Every Article necessary for the Pattern Cutter and Shoe Factory.

Duckenfield's Adjustable Clicker's Knife, etc.

Illustrated Lists sent post free.

E. Duckenfield & Son, Northampton.