(Note: The following Act was recently drafted by the Commissioners on Uniform State Laws, and recommended for passage by the different states. It does not seek in any substantial way to change existing law, but purports to gather into one code the Law of Sales, changing the law in some states in some respects where such states had adopted a view rejected by the commissioners in their choice between opposing doctrines. It has been adopted so far in Alaska, Arizona, Connecticut, Illinois, Iowa, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, North Dakota, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Utah, Wisconsin, Wyoming, Tennessee.)

(For states in which this law is substantially enacted, see page 127, note.)

Formation of the Contract.


1. Contracts to sell and sales.

2. Capacity - liabilities for necessaries. 3-4. Formalities of the contract.

5-8. Subject-matter of the contract.

9-10. The price. 11-15. Warranties. 16. Sale by sample.

Transfer of Property and Title.

17-22. Transfer of property as between seller and buyer. 23-40. Transfer of title.

Performance of the Contract. 41-51. Performance of the contract.

Rights of Unpaid Seller Against the Goods.

52. Definition of unpaid seller.

53. Remedies of an unpaid seller. 54-56. Unpaid seller's lien.


57-59. Stoppage in transitu.

60. Resale by seller.

61-62. Rescission by the seller.

Actions for Breach of Contract.

63-65. Remedies of the seller. 66-70. Remedies of the buyer.

Interpretation. 71-79. Interpretation, definition, etc